Supermarkets and Muddy Puddles

Supermarkets and Muddy Puddles

What have Supermarkets got to do with muddy puddles I hear you all asking?

Well…….Quite a LOT… if you live in my head actually! Let me explain……

As an aspie one place I hate the most is the supermarket. Everything is SO confusing, I can never find anything so I get flustered.

The fluorescent tube lighting then starts to flicker, I mean I can actually see the lights flickering.

Do any other aspies get that?

Then there is the awful choice of supermarket music  that always seems to hiss in my head.

With worse still the adverts and announcements over the top….that I find slightly deafening.

To top ALL of this confusion… is trying to avoid all the many people and their ramming trolleys.

…………Errrrrrgggh it’s just a nightmare. It’s far too much to take in all at once.


The Co-op supermarket

I gave up on large supermarket a while ago and just decided it was easier to go to the Co-op.

This is a smaller British supermarket that really only ever has OAP’s and aspies in it…I’m sure of this…hehehe

So when I go shopping at the Co-op, I can actually enjoy the experience. They play pleasant music that me and the kids enjoy dancing along to and very often singing as well. When *AJ Comes with us he will scoot up and down the aisles on the trolley, because the shop is almost empty. While *CAL enjoys spinning around skipping happily and throwing the shopping at the trolley as it flies past.

My Carrot and My Banana

I just had a thought…I should get them to go next time in their Carrot and Banana costumes, can you imagine that.

A dancing Carrot and a scooting Banana….I’m just giggling my head off.

Anyway……Onto Muddy Puddles!

Peppa Pig...jumping in muddy puddles

Do I really need to explain muddy puddles, they are just SO much fun.

When it’s tipping down with rain and you put your wellies on, is there really any better fun than jumping up and down in a muddy puddle.

Or is this just me, my kids and Peppa Pig???

I personally think that secretly… way down deep, everyone would love to dance in the supermarket and jump up and down in muddy puddles.

I could be totally wrong, and sounding like a loon….. but I don’t think I am!!!


This morning I didn’t really feel my full self, I was feeling quite down.

Arrrrr…what was wrong Lisa???……… you’re all asking because you all love me so much

I felt really insecure about who I am!

Then I remembered something!!!

And…….. it’s something you are ALL going to get really sick of hearing me say.

YES…here we go again…….!

“I am Aspie-Happy, I am a multi coloured Rainbow and I turn negativity upside down!”

I also like dancing in supermarkets and jumping in muddy puddles….hehehe

So here is a poem that I wrote for my friend that has also helped me today.


Supermarkets and Muddy Puddles

by Alienhippy

So do we really, really care, what people think of us

They look… they stare… they have a glare

But really given half the chance

Wouldn’t they just love to dance

Around the supermarket


God gave us joy deep in our hearts

So we can make a brand new start

And leave behind the worldly part

And…JUMP IN MUDDY PUDDLES….Woooo-hoooo!!!


So come on Lisa….His love is true

He keeps on writing poems for you

And…making SURE that they get through

So you can just be YOU! XXXX


And, here is a video just because I like it and I think you will too. x


17 thoughts on “Supermarkets and Muddy Puddles

  1. I’ve been a bit brain-fogged the past couple of days and I knew I’d get a joy-fix if I came here. I was smiling just a few lines in!

    “I am Aspie-Happy, I am a multi coloured Rainbow and I turn negativity upside down!”
    I love seeing that! Would you mind if I pasted it above my screen??

    yes, supermarkets drive me away to smaller stores for the same reasons.

    Go ahead and jump in those puddles! 🙂

    • Hello born 2b me,
      I so enjoy your comments, you are so very encouraging.
      I’m glad you like my catch phrase go ahead paste away.
      I will keep up the puddle jumping thank you.
      Love and hugs. x

  2. Hey Lisa, I cannot tolerate fluorescent lights either. The flickering drives me insane…and believe it or not, it sometimes feels like they burn my skin. It’s awful! And, in the US, they are starting to ban incandescent lighting for energy conservation purposes!

    • Hello Merri, thank you for your comment. The lighting in some supermarket seemed worse than others, then I realised it was how I was feeling while shopping that made the lights flicker.
      It’s not very nice that it feels like they are burning your skin, you must be extremely sensitive Merri, that would be really hard. You are awesome!
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. x

  3. This whole post had me smiling…I love the way you write; I love your view of the world, despite the obstacles that you seem to deal with in life. I wish I could capture some of your enthusiasm and simply bathe in it!! As you know, I suffer from depression, and getting through many days are SOoooo hard – however, reading your writing reminds me how wonderful life is…and yes, I would love to jump in muddy puddles andsuspect that will be a LOT better than the Prozac!! 😀 Oh, AND I shop in the Co-op cos it’s my local store and means I can avoide the strain of being out there with too many of those other “human-type creatures”!! LD

    Have a good day my friend xx

    • Hello Chloe,
      I am glad you like my writing I love writing I find it so therapeutic. Just get yourself a pair of wellies my friend and go and jump in some muddy puddles, it’s tipping down all over England today. Just PERFIC, (as Pop Larkin says) for muddy puddle jumping.
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. x

  4. Just love the whole thought of your poem….the one thing I hate about supermarkets is that here people move their carts through the store the same way they drive…badly and with quite a bit of anger.

    • Hello slp,
      Yes I find that really hard too, people don’t seem to see outside of themselves, while shopping and driving. We are a strange lot aren’t we!?
      Love and hugs
      Lisa. x

  5. I love muddy puddles too! My friend and I jump and splash in puddles like we’re little kids! And, I hate going to the super market. I see the lights flickering and the noise of too many people and the humming of everything. I don’t remember the last time that I went food shopping. My husband does it for us.
    I’ve never been diagnosed with Asperger’s but I think that I have it. I’m so hyper sensitive to sounds, light, and smells. I’ve always thought there was something wrong with me. I’ve never “fit in” anywhere.
    Thanks so much for posting the super market dancing video, I love it!

    • Hello Erica,
      You’re new hello hello hello and welcome.
      There is nothing wrong with you my dear, you’re just a little different and unique. I haven’t been diagnosed either, I just know I’m an aspie for all the same reasons.
      I accept it now in fact I embrace it.
      Just be Aspie-happy, a multi coloured Rainbow and turn negativity upside down.
      You are wonderful just being you.
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. x

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