How this world’s ways can confuse my brain!

So today’s post is a bit about being an Aspie, a bit about being a Christian, it’s also about *CAL and my thoughts about life on this planet….you know what I’m like, my brain never stops!

All these tangent thoughts just get dropped into the cocktail shaker that is my brain.

So here I go again on yet another aspie-babble….who KNOWS, where this will lead….lmho

Right, I have composed myself, I am no-longer in hysterics at my own silliness. I shall begin!


Not many friends out there in bloggyland know what my job is….Errrrmmmm interesting

I trained as a dressmaker and worked as a seamstress for FAR too many years in the Rag-Trade.

End of story. 

image from Google

No not really…………..LOL

I used to love sewing but unfortunately working in that environment, not knowing what I know now about myself.

Was probably the most soul destroying experience I have ever had. It lasted 10 years, I finally left when I was expecting my *AJ and I vowed to myself I would never work in a place that made me feel like that again.

Now end of story….ha-ha

I fully intend to start praying about this and hopefully enjoy sewing again one day.

So now I have trained and I am qualified to work as a teaching assistant,

which I WILL do once *CAL is older and more settled. I am quite happy and content at the moment to do the job I have. Part-time as a lunch-time supervisor. This gives me plenty of free time and ALL the school holidays to have LOADS of fun with my precious kids.

So yes…..I’m a school dinner-lady……hahahaha….that was an extremely loud laugh Lisa.

I bet you’re ALL really impressed…again with the LMHO

It sounded so much better as lunch-time supervisor, don’t you think???

But that’s the way we are in this world, isn’t it!? Always trying to GET and not to GIVE!

Yes a sobering thought that one…”Always trying to GET and not to GIVE!”…that stopped my giggle.


I can have 2 mind frames with my job I can go and just do my time, or I can give once I’m there.

image from Google

In my job I get to spend my time in a playground or a dining hall with 100’s of beautiful little children. I get to see their happy time of playing and eating together. It brings much positivity to my life. As an aspie and a Christian this is very important for me. As I know that negative thoughts can really affect my life and make it unproductive.

My job also gives me the opportunity to walk out of my home and be part of society. Even if that means being with, and only really chatting with kids under the age of 11. They tell me stories and jokes and act real clowns sometimes. They are all so unique and so very wonderful.

My little *CAL goes to a nurture group at dinner-time, with her difficulties the playground is far too much for her to cope with. She recently has made friends with 3 other children from this group and now the 4 of them come into the play ground together for the last 15 minutes of break time.

This has been wonderful for me to see, my little girl running and playing with her friends.

Not standing in a corner with her hat pulled over her face. The children she plays with are 2 brothers and a sister from a not too well off family with 6 kids. This is where I start to struggle with people now.

I see 4 wonderful, beautiful little kids running and playing together happy and accepting one another. They are not alone any longer and they all play in a similar way, because they have similar needs.

However I have been told by a few opinionated people, that I should discourage this friendship. They had certain reasons for their opinions, but that’s all they were their opinions. I don’t really listen to opinions anymore.

I will say here that none of the reasons given have been worth them bothering to waste their breath telling me. All it has done is make me see how materialist and shallow we can all be.

But I haven’t always thought like this, there was a time…not too long ago, that I would have listened. I was very caught up in looking the part and always being right, and “FITTING IN”

So what changed me…

Acceptance, changed me.

Understanding that we are all equal in God’s eyes, and loved unconditionally.

Also the loving acceptance of my lovely friend Fiona, who I can’t thank enough.

God’s love and her friendship then led me to learning to accept myself, and start to re-connect with who I really am, the real Lisa, before society squashed me with conformity.

So I’m learning to be………Myself, the person God created me to be!

Aspie-Happy, a multi coloured rainbow, who prays and turns negativity upside down.

One day I’ll get my Shirley back….he he …(that’s a joke from an old poem here’s the link)

What happened to my Shirley?

Well….. we will see about that!!!

I can do EVERYTHING through Him who gives me strength. (Philippians 4:13 NIV)

But……I’m not sure about Shirley Bassey anymore…… πŸ˜€

Love you all. X πŸ˜€


12 thoughts on “How this world’s ways can confuse my brain!

  1. Lisa, You are such a wonderful breath of fresh air, just being the special “You” the only “You” that there will ever be!!! This makes me smile real big!!! I’m so glad you can ignore people and their “ooooooooo-pinions”!! It is so wonderful that Cal has little friends to play with! What is important is that which is underneath any certain clothing or belongings they may or may not have. I have a godson that had certain aspects that may or may not be Aspie but they are what set him apart from others in a wondefully special way, that is his godmother’s opinion. But he has turned into a brilliantly smart young man who is on the honor roll at school for his incredibly good marks in school. We need to let children be who they are an flourish like the special little flowers they are that God has made in His wisdom. I’m so glad you are my friend Lisa for you let me see through your eyes in other ways than the routine. Love, Cindy

    • Thank you Cindy for you kind words, you are just so lovely.
      I am so glad we met on care2 and that you enjoy my blog.
      You are a very loving and encouraging person and I really appreciate who YOU are, and all you go through. You are a real example Cindy.
      Love and hugs. x

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