A NEW Aspie Mommy Blogger….Welcome surrealhappy (my little sis)

A NEW Aspie Mommy Blogger….Welcome surrealhappy (my little sis)

I am soooooooo pleased to be introducing my little sister to ALL new friends out there in bloggyland.

Here is the link to her blog…….. surrealhappy’s blog

I am exactly 12 years and 2 days older than my sis, but she is far more mature than me.

Don’t get me wrong she is equally as silly just not all the time. There has to be one grown up in this family.

She is the Mommy of little *J and *EJ and has quite a lot of challenges, which she copes beautifully with.

I personally am very proud of how she copes, and I know that her blogging is going to be so helpful.

Here are three Links to posts I have on little *J and *EJ.

Journey with *Little J and EJ….My Beautiful Nephews

Where da Mi-mi Tatoe-head, Auntie La-La???

Little *J

Little *J and *EJ are both showing signs of Autism and Little *J is also Epileptic.

They are the most BEAUTIFUL of little boy, a real handful but very beautiful.


Here are some old photos of me and my sis, through the years. Enjoy. 🙂 X


3 thoughts on “A NEW Aspie Mommy Blogger….Welcome surrealhappy (my little sis)

  1. Thank you sis, I love you SO much. You are wonderful. I want to say thank you for trying the path for me. You have not just done this for me here you have gone before me in a lot of things in my life, I seem to follow you.

    Im Dorothy and you have made the yellow brick road for me through the amazing love you have. Thank you that I can enjoy this because of you. You’re like the North Star, keep shining you are beautiful.
    I love you

    • Awwww you can be oh so sloppy, I love you too.
      Can I ask though if I made the yellow brick road, does that make me a Munchkin or am I Toto running ahead, checking the path for Dorothy???
      I’m happy to be either!!!
      I just love the Wizard of Oz….You weren’t born when I had my Oz obsession.
      Love you loads little sis. xxxx

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