Pumpkin and Carrot soup…..with a Banana

Pumpkin and Carrot soup…..with a Banana

Strange title wasn’t it, sorry if you want a recipe I haven’t got one it’s just the ingredient for my day.

But let us have a think about this silence thing first.

Keep silent…who they kidding, they don’t really know us do they???

So in an attempt to understand our social isolation and to raise awareness of Autism we have an on-line community shut down do we?

NT’s are being encouraged to not talk to their Aspie/Autie friends.

Boooooo-Hooooooo, I’m going to cry. I don’t like that idea very much at all!

In fact I will say it again but louder…..


………………………………………and I bang my fist on the desk…hehe

I’m so very glad that my NT friend loves me and knows me well enough to realise what a stupid idea this is.

Also that my Aspie/Autie friends are all thinking the same as me…..LMHO

Here is a link to one of my posts about what life is like living with a spectrum disorder

Autism meaning *self ???

Yes we spend much time alone and in thoughts of aloneness, so not having our on-line friends for just one day would really shake our brains….all aspies know what I’m talking about here….hehehe

Yes we go into what I call a frantic thought loop.

Enough about this anyway let’s have a look at my day.


My day and all its glory!!!!!

Well today I have spent some wonderful time sending photographs to my lovely friend.

I also wrote a poem and had some lovely time in prayer.

I must show you what my kids have been up to.

They are both so quirky and so very silly, I think they must get it off me.

My Carrot and my Banana

*AJ actually got on a bus to our city centre dressed like that….with his friends.

One was dressed as Where’s Wally the other a cowboy with inflatable horse and false legs.

And as for the Pumpkin and carrot soup…it was very nice thank you.

I make the best Pumpkin soup around, my Leek and potato is not bad either.

Love and hugs to all my wonderful bloggy friends, you make my life have a smile. 🙂 X


13 thoughts on “Pumpkin and Carrot soup…..with a Banana

  1. I SO second the comment about her soup, She does make the best pumpkin and carrot soup that I have ever tasted, I hope you make more for bonfire night. sis 😉

    Oh and yes, I am a bit sneaky int I ? x

    • I am going to make up another for bonfire night, shall we have some fireworks???
      Made a leek and potato today, I’m having a bit of a thing with soup at the moment.
      Do you remember when I kept making pies all the time……LMHO
      Yes you are sneeky, fancy not telling your big sis you were re-opening you blog.
      You’re just a naughty little madam….hehehe. XXXX

  2. Before shutting down my computer I thought I’d stop by for a smile and an uplift — and there it is: three pics of AJ and CAL up to their usual happy fun!
    And I get a bonus! I see that your sis has a blog!
    double happy times 🙂 😉

  3. Mmm…. pumpkin carrot soup. I’ve made pumpkin soup. And I’ve made carrot soup. But I’ve never thought to put both together.

    But you know what I’m thinking about now? I make carrot juice. I’ve never tried to make pumpkin juice. I’m thinking pumpkin carrot JUICE! How awesome that would be!

    Happy Autistics Speaking Day to you.

    • Pumpkin and carrot juice sounds good. If you make Pumpkin and carrot soup you also need to add potatoes and onions. I top mine with a little cheese too. Thank you for your comment.
      love and hugs. x

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