Poetry…Chickens…and GOD!!!

In July 2004, a poem came into my head while half asleep.

I didn’t take much notice till the next night when the poem returned and I wrote it down. It was the first inspirational poem I wrote.

The poetry I write is about my life.

My thoughts, feelings, emotions, hopes, dreams, joys, difficulties, hurts and fears….etc, etc, etc…you get the gist.

All in all… writing poetry brings me healing, joy and growth…It has become my counsellor.

In the year 2000 I lost my faith.

It took a four year journey before I could even understand what had happened. Losing my faith was an awful experience for me as an aspie. Jesus had always been my closest friend. I had always believed, I had always clung to my faith. Now I had so much confusion in my head I couldn’t think.

So…What happened?????

I can’t really explain here, without causing a religious debate, and I don’t like religious debates they are such a waste of time. They cause so much upset, and hurt for people.

So let’s just say….

Peoples interpretation of scripture, twisted and used in an authoritative way. Also knowingly taken out of context. Totally distorted the true message and love of Jesus Christ and the Cross. God then became fearful, vengeful and malicious in my head, causing many fears. Hence I closed down completely and went into hiding. Not just hiding but actually terrified and in hiding.

Now you need to put that into perspective…

So here we have an undiagnosed dyslexic/aspie

Who follows rules, is easily intimidated, easily controlled, and can suffer with anxiety and OCD.

*****See how easy a target we are, for these types of groups*****

So now I don’t want to discuss religion, what I would like to share is how God got me back.

So here is my poem that God helped me to write through a Chicken.

Yep…that’s right a Chicken.

This Chicken gave the most powerful message I have ever heard.

God is SO Good, He meets each of us where we are at.


by Alienhippy

Out in the garden watering the veg

Doodle-Doo and his hens

My emotions and temper, running close to the edge

A voice in my head says, “You know what to do!”

And my Cockerel shouts, “DENIAL!”

“DENIAL!” crows Doodle-Doo.


On the left I keep my Chickens

On the right some bushes I prune

I’m feeling rather happy

I begin to hum a tune

What is this song I’m singing

A Heavenly message so true

So I stop and sing another

“Denial again!” calls Doodle-doo


At the bottom of my garden

Is a patch where we can play

A place to put the paddling pool

On a hot and sunny day

Or kick a ball around for fun

A grateful thought I have for you

My children’s laughter fills the air

Doodle-Doo and his hens

“Denied three times!” cries Doodle-Doo


At the time I never realized, as I drove down to the aviary

That I’d end up with a Rooster, not a Red Factor Canary

But, when I heard them say, “Last day today, it’s the Butchers for you”

I brought you home, I gave you food, I named you Doodle-Doo


So now in the morning

When you call out to the new day

I wake up with a smile

I don’t deny I pray

And…when I’m out and hear you shout

I breathe in deep, sigh out relief

A smile upon my face

Understood now is God’s deep love

And His Amazing Grace!

16 thoughts on “Poetry…Chickens…and GOD!!!

  1. I love everything about you Lees…only you could hear God through a chicken!

    I LOVE that GOd uses everyday things like this to speak to you…..it makes me feel more normal cos God does that to me too!


  2. Lisa. the insight God gives you is wonderful! I think it would be a much better world if there were people that recognized God’s voice even if it’s represented by a chicken!!

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  7. You are soooo marvelous. I just took a photo of our neighbor’s chicken. 🙂 Only you would be able to contact God through a chicken! Through your divine wisdom and unyielding faith. What a beautiful child of God you are! HUGE HUGS ~ Sam

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