Where da Mi-mi Tatoe-head, Auntie La-La???

Where da Mi-mi Tatoe-head, Auntie La-La???

I was having a coffee with my sis the other day, Little *J and *EJ were playing so beautifully at separate ends of the living room.

Little *J had got his Fi-Fi jigsaw puzzle, which I must say he does extremely quickly…..he’s just so quick with jig-saws, he reminds me of a little *AJ.

*EJ was playing with his Thomas track, lining up his Engines and getting SO frustrated with the track keep breaking…Auntie La-La tried to help, we managed in the end we even built a bridge.

Both boys at this point had managed to remain clothed, it is one of their lovely quirks to strip off and run up and down the living room giggling their lovely little heads off. Oh they are so beautiful. 🙂

Anyway….time for a break with a snack.

Me and my sis, have another coffee, and the boys both get a drink and a bag of crisps. These are new crisps, they haven’t had them before……..hehehe

A Little bit of *EJ

*EJ gets a pack of Ready Salted. Mommy opens the packet and hands it to him.

Bless him……he sits down on the floor, over by the TV and looks most concerned.

He watches the repeated DVD, I’m thinking it was Timmy Time, I could be wrong it was probably Pepa pig.

He still look concerned……..bless his little heart.

“What’s the matter *EJ? Are you going to eat your crisps?”

*EJ……then walks over and shows me inside his bag of crisps and says,

“Where da Mi-mi Tatoe-Head, Auntie La-La?”

Just look at the packet.

A Little bit of Little *J

Little *J gets a packet of Cheese and Onion. Mommy opens the packet and hands it to him.

Bless him…….he looks at the packet, he examines the packet, in fact he analysed it for a while.

Then his hand goes into the bag, rummages around and comes back out.

He then looks in the most concerning of ways into the packet, then tips the whole lot onto the floor and goes off into the kitchen to find something else.

No……there was definitely no Mrs Potato head either.


This really made me giggle…….thank you Little*J and *EJ for being just who you are.

Auntie La-La loves you both Soooooooo very much. XXXXXXXXXX


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