A Beautiful visual…followed by a list.

A Beautiful visual…followed by a list.

A new Mommy blogger, Butterfly Queen, has joined us here in Bloggyland, and I must say I have been really enjoying her blog. (Living with Aspie Lad and the man)

She won’t realise YET, how much of a compliment that actually is, as she only started blogging on 23rd October.

So….I will fill EVERYONE in on why “ME” managing to read her blog is a compliment.

My dyslexia is like a filter for my Aspergers. When my dyslexia kicks in it is usually because my Aspie brain cannot cope with any visuals that are being formed. My dyslexia is hard work and reading is very slow for me.

now back to the post……..

LOVE PETROL is the post that gave me such a lovely visual I smiled every time I thought about it.

Then came………………………………….

And a little more love petrol, this gave me a wonderful list of expression. I quite like writing lists…hehe

In the second post, Butterfly Queen invites us to write our own love petrol list.

If you haven’t clicked on the links this just means;

The things in your life that fill up your heart tank. The precious things that help you feel ALL loved up. That are personal to you!!!

“Thank you Butterfly Queen and welcome to Blogland!!!!”

So here is my list.

1. Just being with my kids, making them happy, watching their eyes sparkle.
2.Writing, Writing, writing. 3 x WHY? Prayers, poems, letters. Therapy, Jesus and friends.
3.Blogland….my social life, My blog…”A place Where I can be me.”
4.Painting…..always ABSTRACT. My brain goes too fast for anything else
5.Batik and Fractals…..They fills my world with surprise in a positive way
6.Sitting on the floor being covered with doggie kisses….I love my doggies
7.YouTube…I’m such a YouTube Junkie it’s untrue.
8.Driving in my car, on my own, playing REALLY, REALLY loud T’Pau. I love the vibrations.
9.Sitting under my Oak tree, in a place away from everyone.
10.Films…TV can be a bit too unpredictable, but I love films as long as they are not over 18 rating. All the Disney…Pixar…DreamWorks films are F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C…yes I love kids films and fantasy. I watch them repetitively, my absolute favourite being The Time Machine 2002 version starring Guy Pearse, Samantha Mumba and Jeremy Irons. I also like the old classic version, but it just doesn’t give me the love petrol like the new one does. I have probably watch this film 50+ times.


I wonder what your list will look like???


5 thoughts on “A Beautiful visual…followed by a list.

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  2. Awesome Miss Lisa!
    So pleased to see that 4 or your 10 relate to your creativity.
    and the others are about spending time with your family (including the doggies) , your friends and looking after yourself by doing things you love 🙂
    Truly wonderful to read 🙂


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  4. Sophisticated blog post. I read all your posts, and i’m really enjoying your contributions so far.

    This website is great. Thats not seriously a genuinely massive blog comment, but its all I could appear up with right after reading this blog article.

    Continue writing about it.

    Thanks, bye bye

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