Who needs girls for a girlie day…I make my own FUN, then God provides!!!

Who needs girls for a girlie day….I make my own FUN, then God provides!!!

Hello all my friends out there in wonderful bloggyland.{{{wave}}} 😀  X

I had a wonderful girlie day yesterday, I didn’t get time to blog about it.

Yes… I got side tracked and absorbed in sorting out my wardrobe.

I’m really quite proud of myself though. I have been wearing black far too long.

I  am now a multi coloured Rainbow and own no black top AT ALL….YAY!!!

So yesterday morning I went SHOPPING…

Yes you read that correctly, this ASPIE went SHOPPING, for CLOTHES… On a SATURDAY!…..

Wow, that is a miracle, let me tell you.

1. I hate shopping…..2. I hate crowds…..3.I’m a dressmaker, buying clothes is a waste of money.

See what I mean….but God decided it’s time for a change, I don’t like disobeying God.

I’m an Aspire I like rules…. I find anyway that God gives me what I need to cope and HE did.

He also blessed me with a wonderful day, stacks of confidence and a lovely silly mood.

So I did the Charity run, buying up ALL the bargains that extremely fussy people wear only once. Then discard in case someone else sees them wearing the same thing twice.


The sheer horror of it!!!!!!!

How awful for them, the very thought of being out of fashion…………giggle, giggle, giggle

I’m giggling because this was me in my 20’s.

I got myself 2 new Jackets, 6 new tops and Julie Walters Autobiography.

I can actually read autobiographies written buy my favourite comedians, they keep my dyslexic brain interested and my aspie brain plays their voices and see their faces

Moving on…..I got my Brother-in-law a very silly Birthday card, that made me laugh so hard in W.H.Smiths…people looked at me.

I then giggled my way around the shop, looking like a loon because I couldn’t get this one blokes expression out of my head.

I bumped into someone from school,

We had a lovely chat and shopped together for a while. Her Daughter is the same age and at the same college as my *AJ. Her son is only a few months older than my *CAL. He is dyslexic and really struggling.

This person has been along side of my life since the age of 11. We were in the same bottom set at school for most subjects. She too looked at the floor and sat at the back.

When I moved into my flat she had a flat across the road, we attended the same Church and got married a few weeks apart. Then when I moved to my house she moved to hers, our husbands were drinking friends. I lost touch because of my divorce.

We chatted and she bought a pumpkin, we exchanged numbers….I’ll see where it goes, it seems to be quite simple really, God’s given me an aspie friend to have a coffee with.

So next….I popped to see my lovely sister and she trimmed my hair,

She’s not a hairdresser but she has learnt how to cut. I really can’t cope with having a stranger that close and touching my head.

I accept that about myself now, in the past I have forced myself to go. I have sat there looking at myself in that awful big mirror. Trying to have a surface conversation with someone who really doesn’t give a crap about me. Worrying myself stupid because  how on earth can anyone talk that much while doing their job???…..just my aspie view, you know how it is! lmho

I hear some aspies actually like having their hair played with, I just shudder at the thought.

Well…then I went home and had a lovely hot bubbly bath with candles and a nice glass of something naughty…while reading my new book. I laughed that much reading ALL of 4 pages, I was crying and my chest started to hurt. I do love Julie walters. I also love Victoria Wood and Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders, and the wonderful Catherine Tate. No favouritism here, they are ALL such fantastic friends to me.

Thank you YouTube…..you keep me sane!

And just when I think my day can’t get any better.

I receive an email from my closest friend, and she’s writing again today.

Life is good and God is great! XX 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Who needs girls for a girlie day…I make my own FUN, then God provides!!!

  1. Awesome blog! I just had to laugh, because I also just went shopping and got some clothes with more color than the boring standard earth tone clothes I usually gravitate toward, and I hate crowds, dressing rooms and fluorescent lights. I also brought my 5 year old with me, who has autism… and it was successful!

    • Hi Merri,
      Glad to hear that your shopping day was successful. it can be really hard shopping with ASD’s.
      I feel so much better wearing brighter colours now, but I know I couldn’t have done this before.
      Something has just changed in me and I’m running with it.
      Love and hugs. xx

    • People can be SO fussy, I find loads of bargains as long as I go shopping on my own.
      If I take the kids I end up buying a load of crap.
      Giggling is one of my favourite things. x

    • Yes….I find it SO much easier to go out, if I take my invisible friend with me…lol
      I am so grateful God gave me her as a child, she was amazing, she helped me so much back then.
      The memory of her helps me now.
      Love you. xxxx

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