Turning it upside down

The following is a comment response I made to another Aspie, it is also the answer to my post called;

Today I have felt really weird…and I still can’t figure out why!

My question to my fellow Aspie was how she managed to watch or read anything negative, had she found a way of filtering.

She hadn’t and this causes her distress as she can become obsessed on the negative. I thought her very brave to answer my question so openly.

As I wrote my response to her I thought this is actually quite interesting for those trying to understand how our aspie brains think.

So welcome inside my head….watch you don’t get lost….lmho


I know myself how hard it is to break from an obsession, I find having an interest helps. I paint and write and this brings me through it. Having a faith helps with this too.

I have to control all input, this means I can’t allow myself to be exposed to too much negativity. My mind is a constant loop of video footage. I have to be careful what I film because it will cycle for days. Which will cause me to obsess on it. Negative thoughts are very strong, I find the only way through them is prayer.

I was hoping you would have an answer and I’d be able to read a newspaper or watch/listen to the news. I might have a clue what is going on in the world then. Some of my relatives and people that know me tell me I live in Teletubbyland. They think it’s funny to ask me questions about stuff going on, that they know I won’t have a clue about. They get a lot of pleasure out of making me look stupid. I tend to avoid these people now. The people that love me protect me from this. My sister will tell me and write lists of things I need to know. Simply things like who the prime minister is, or what benefits are being cut. Last week it was the post office got done over.

In the past when I have watched the news, to try to fit. I got to the point where I was afraid to leave my home. I then became obsessed on housework in a very unhealthy way. I am actually afraid of housework now, I have to have a routine with this or I do stupid things like clean light bulbs, daily with essential oils.

Reading is hard for me because of my dyslexia, but I find that it helps filter what’s negative because I only really manage to read the first 2 paragraphs of most posts. I find that if a post is negative my dyslexia kicks in and the post become impossible to carry on with. I think my dyslexia is a blessing from God now as it helps me to function.


What I have learnt over the last four and a half months is by just being myself and accepting my Aspergers as part of me, I have become more confident. It has not been easy coming out with this to people who have known me for year. However the people who genuinely care about me have stuck with me and accepted that I am on a journey.

SO………………..This worlds negativity is being turned upside down by this Aspie.

AND………………My God given ASPIE-NESS is being used and not hidden. Thank you God. x

I am a new creation, I no-longer wear black or look at the floor,

I am a multi-coloured Rainbow!!!

Here is some CURIOUS GEORGE….I love Curious George

he is so very cute.

18 thoughts on “Turning it upside down

    • Yes…it took me a while to realise that certain people in my life were actually quite damaging to my self-worth. It was also very hard to break from this pattern. Writing is my main way of coming to a realisation, and then prayer helps me to move forward. Creativity is very important to my personality. Thank you for your comment spectrummymummy.
      Love and hugs. x

  1. I’m trying to understand about your condition .Why people get amused over someone’s health issues really puzzles me .If they had something like that ,they probably wouldn’t be able to handle it .Only the one who has it really knows for sure . I have arthritis and I only know my pain .
    I never hear from you anymore ,but i comment on most of your posts .
    Blessings and hugs

    • I am SO sorry to hear that you are in pain with your arthritis. I can’t imagine what it must be like.
      I don’t really use fb or care2 anymore, I spend my computer time here. I find it more therapeutic than fb and more personal than care2.
      Thank you for your comment. Love Lisa. x

  2. I loved this post today. It has helped me understand you more and accept your ways. You have changed massively over the last few weeks and have become alot more confident. But, as importantly you have understood and accepted how you ‘tick’. You may question and ponder feelings and attitudes inside of you: and the great thing is you come out the otherside with a buzz about you. I love you loads, you are wonderful, full of spirit and energy. Yes, there are times where I am bloody frustrated, but I have to tell you that and not keep it inside. Positivity is important to you and we need a home where honesty and laughter fills the air.

    You are so special to me Lisa. X

    • Oh…thank you dear, I feel positively inspired by your lovely words.
      I’m glad you understand me more and accept my ways, also that you want our home positively filled with laughter….so can I have a mac and a new mobile please….lmho
      I love you my silly hubby. xxxx

  3. Ooooh, you’re beautiful inside and out!!!!
    I wanna give you a big bear hug!!
    I’m so mega proud of you for finding out exactly who you are and running with it!!!
    God has done some miraculous things with you my friend.

    Love You

    • Hello lovely,
      I would enjoy that big bear hug, you would have to have very long arms though.
      I mean…they would have to be even longer than Mr Tickles…I’m in a silly mood again, can you tell?
      You helped me find who I am, I thank God for you.
      God does amazing things through you, my friend.
      I am running with it, I’m also skipping, hopping, jumping, and dancing….lmho
      And….you are beautiful inside and out!!!! {{{{HUGS}}}} big bear style
      Love you my friend. xxxx

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  10. Lisa,

    Thank you for sharing such a lovely post with me. This was the perfect thing I needed to read. I really do need to limit negativity. It’s not that I seek it out, it that i get sucked in then i happen by it.

    I will use my strenths and special intersts to pull me away. If my hungry brain wants something, I’ll put it on a positivity diet! thank you for being such a dear friend!


  11. I must add, this is wonderful:

    “I have to control all input, this means I can’t allow myself to be exposed to too much negativity. My mind is a constant loop of video footage. I have to be careful what I film because it will cycle for days. Which will cause me to obsess on it.”

    Wow. This is why I am so particular about social media and why negative comment distress me. I’d love to use your quote in the “Comments Policy” I am developing for my blog. I’ll link back and creditif it’s okay with you. 🙂

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