The DREADED Cinema Trip

Year 5’s topic this term has been Greek Mythology.

My *CAL has really enjoyed this topic in the classroom and has also become very interested in old films like, ‘Jason and the Argonauts’ and ‘Clash of the Titans.’

I do love a good three headed monster or two….lmho, I’m just SO weird.

Yes….these films are right up my street, so I was quite pleased when she started watching them instead of,

‘Arthur and the Invisibles’……………………lol…………..giggle……….hahaha

(I’ve lost count how many times this film has been on in our house.)


Anyways…when she came home with the letter about a cinema trip, to see Percy Jackson.

Well… my emotions on this had to go into a filtering process ALL of its own. Then babbled out on an email to a close friend. I can get so confused with these things.

O.M.Goodness I thought, how on earth are they going to get her even into the cinema.

So…..first off I desensitized her to the film, we got it on DVD and watched it.

I secretly would turn the volume up throughout the film in the hope she wouldn’t notice………………..(no such luck.)

I tried to get her to watch it with the lights off………………………………….(not a chance.)

I even made pop-corn for goodness sake………………………………… (it got spat all over the floor.)


I tried to explain all this to the SENCo, and just what happens each time we try to go to the cinema. In fact I explained to three member of the teaching profession. They were ALL under the impression that *CAL would be fine because being with her class mates would make ALL the difference.

HA!!!…….. They really don’t know my *CAL.

Yes she is the perfect student in a classroom environment, quiet, hardworking, intelligent, imaginative, helpful and SO very well behaved.

BUT…….when she is pushed to doing something she’s scared of, it’s quite a different story.

I decided to let *CAL go on this trip, as long as I went with her. I thought it might help with getting this bloody diagnoses sorted out.

The school agreed to me going along, they knew I would not give my permission otherwise, and this is how the day went.

In poem of course……………you know me.

Just so you all know…it is quite fine for you to giggle through this poem.

I did, God worked it all out. Their eye’s have been opened.


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The DREADED Cinema Trip

by Lisa Lock

Forty four kids on a double-decker bus

Off to see Percy Jackson, O.M.Goodness what a fuss

Running off everywhere left and right

*CAL screamed her head off when they turned off the light

First *Mrs W…, tried to talk her through

Sat and gave her comfort, was kind and loving too

Then the volume came on and louder my *CAL went

*Mrs W… couldn’t cope, so *Mrs M… was sent

*Mrs M… was lovely and helped  my girl to focus

*CAL focussed on the wall, it really was quite hopeless

*Mrs M… was quite concerned she’s never witnessed this

Not having any diagnoses, it really takes the P**S

So my *CAL sat and watch the film, with hands over her ears

When the scary bits came on, her eyes welled up with tears

*Mrs M…’s welled up as well, she has a gentle spirit

A pretty girl, a loving soul and really quite sweet with it

She said she’d file a full report, cause this just isn’t right

And I said, “Thank you *Mrs M…, and welcome to our fight!”


I really do enjoy the multi headed monsters

I was banned from drawing them when I was at school


20 thoughts on “The DREADED Cinema Trip

  1. Fan-bloody-tastic !!!!

    So glad they are finally listening to you!!!!

    Keep us posted on the results!!!

    Oh , and awesome poem! As usual 🙂

  2. What a great poem! As I always say – letting them “the professionals” SEE / HEAR / EXPERIENCE a particular incident with your child that you have already TRIED to explain / describe in detail is a wonderful way to help them “get it”! I hope they DO join you very vocally and powerfully in your fight to get a correct diagnosis for your lovely girl. Good on you!!
    Half a world away, I feel your frustration and pain for your girl… Bless you in your efforts on her behalf.

    • Thank you Pippa for your lovely comment. I think they did listen, it would have been pretty hard not to with *CAL’s screaming. It’s how they put it down on paper now though, and if they even remember.
      I’m so glad you came to visit, quite excited actually to have a new friend.
      Love and hugs. xxx

  3. now they can work on the problem .they’ve experienced what you’ve been trying to tell them all along .That was a GREAT opportunity and a starting point .GOD works in mysterious ways .
    best of luck with her situation .
    Blessings and hugs

  4. Well done! And great poem. 🙂

    Sorry CAL had to go through all that, but hopefully good things will be around the corner. And you tell CAL I LOVED the original Clash of the Titans with Harry Hamlin so much I’ve seen it over 70 times! (and counting.)


    • Laura we are so alike in our film choices, I was SO pleased when she started watching Jason and the Argonauts, Clash of the Titans is a classic. I just got to get her onto The time machine and Logan’s Run, now…..hehehe
      Love you. xxx

  5. That film looks great, thinks i’m gonna buy it, very loud and flashy though.
    I love CAL and You just as you are, you are both very beautiful and talented, I hate that the negatives need to be scrutinised before any help is offered, but hey, just another bit of the world to ride.

      • You’re so funny little sis… can give me hugs anytime, I just don’t think.
        I spent too much time with Nanny P.
        That and Dad used to say, “Don’t touch me you’ve got dirty hands!”
        He’d grown up a bit by the time you came along.
        Anyway….I let you cut my hair, I don’t let anyone else touch my head.
        Love you…..I’m really giggling now.
        You live so far away, I will have to come to your planet soon. X

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