I am a multi coloured Rainbow

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I Am A Multi Coloured Rainbow

by Alienhippy

I got a top out of my wardrobe today

And then I decided to throw it away

My mood is quite different from how it was before

Angry with people and just wanting more

More love from this world as it tossed me about

Upset and confused trying to find a way out

Lost in myself and how I’d been treated

Torn in two parts hidden and defeated

I only wore black, that way I could hide

Colour was hidden trapped way down inside

Only reflected through paint and my children

Lonely and distant colours all forgotten

Out of the blue then God spoke to me

Unconditional love then made me feel free

Re-coloured on a spectrum, it’s opened my mind

Entering places I thought I’d never find

Designed in a way that God understands

Ready to live and enjoy all His plans

Amazingly coloured and unique in design

I‘m ready to live the life that is mine

No holding back, I’m not wearing black

Beautifully coloured, there’s nothing I lack

On with my journey, I’ll continue to grow

Wow…there you go, I am a rainbow

I really like this one thank you God.


12 thoughts on “I am a multi coloured Rainbow

  1. Indeed a colourful poem. Very good self realization. I relate well to your thoughts. I also wore black during a particular phase of my life and like you, my colours were just in the paints. Now I am a RAINBOW too. 🙂 My life is colourful now.

    • Hello fellow Rainbow, I actually told the kids I work with that I am a multi coloured Rainbow and now they want to be too. They are so very cute. I love working with little kids, they allow you to just be….X 🙂

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  3. Wow!! I love what you are doing! I need to relook at screen toaster! Informative and interesting post!!!keep it up..

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