Just me Babbling again….sorry

Just me Babbling again….sorry

Hello my bloggy friends,

Well it’s 3:54am I am up and I have been for a while. I quite understand the reasoning behind medication to help aid sleep with ASD’s, I’m thinking about it myself.

Either that or stronger wine…lol

The thing is I have been like this my whole life, so I don’t know any other way. I was thinking about my lovely Mom with this too, she used to come and wake me up at the most stupid of times to tell me her ideas. They would go round and round in her brain, and she just wouldn’t shut up, until we actually did them.

She was always having ideas as well, bless her. She would suddenly stop dead in her tracks, her eye brows would go up and her eyes would be wide open. Then she would point her right index finger up at the sky and say her famous words, that we all dreaded…

“Ooo…I’ve just had an idea!!!”

(with the look of total excitement on her lovely face.)

Mainly it was moving furniture, she had a terrible impulse to move furniture around. I’d go out, come back and the room would have had a complete make-over…..She hated house work, mind you, but loved rearranging things.

Oh dear….. I see a similarity here…hehehe

My autistic Dads reply would always be the same, I can hear it now.

(In his aggravated, I’ve been at work all day, I just want to put my poor feet in a bowl of hot water voice)

“Arrrrr, I donno our Ann, what d’ya wanna move that for?”

………….(He would then go on to say a few more things, that I won’t repeat)…lol

So that’s Mom on the Aspie list too, or have I just got my Autism goggles on again? It would seriously explain a few things with other relatives though, if I’m totally honest!

My great uncle *AL for instance… my Nan used to say……

“Please excuse my little brother, our Mom had him in the change!”

(My Nan was one of 8 kids she was the oldest girl…need I say anymore.)


Oh yes… I’m sat here at my desk in this STUPID little room, right in the middle of my house. I can hear Mr Locoman snoring his head off, so I can’t do what I’d like to do, because I will wake the whole house up. I’m having to try really hard to giggle instead of laugh while writing this. I don’t know how I haven’t wet myself….lmho

Does anyone else get up this early with a need to sing or is it just me?

(Any other Aspies out there please answer that question. I really would love to know that I’m not the only one.)


So…In an attempt to distract my brain I decided to babble instead…I do love a good babble, don’t you?

So at the moment I want to sing songs to God and I can’t because I put off moving my desk into the conservatory….why?

Because I got side tracked and then obsessed over rearranging something else.

How annoying is that, I feel SO scatty sometimes.

Right I’m off to make another cup of tea….love you all. x

Here’s my Mom and Dad, don’t they look young!

I Love you, my lovely Mom. x


Mom and Dad 1968



10 thoughts on “Just me Babbling again….sorry

  1. Lovely pic of Mom and Dad, they look so in love don’t they?

    You know I get up too early with ideas, but I think it’s only you that gets up that early and want’s to sing. That’s why you have friends over the other side of the world cos it’s day to them.

    Another bit of Gods humour shining in your true rainbow colours

    Love you sis x

  2. Hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello. My Nipper loves to get up in the middle of the night and sing, so you’re not on your own. That’s a lovely photo of your mum and dad, and yes, they do look young!

    • Yes…they do look really cute.
      My Mom was only a Teen when she got Married and 19 when she had me.
      They were Best friends, and even though they had difficult times they never stopped loving each other.
      I really do miss her.
      Love you mate. xxxx

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