Secondary Thinking

In England children in year 5 are now thinking about the move to big school. We call it Secondary School  here, for ages 11-16. I have been having a series of conversations recently with those who have worked with *CAL. We now have to pursue a statement for her and will hopefully get a diagnoses soon.

I was hoping that she would manage as well as *AJ has with main stream. However, as the days go by I watch the gap growing ever wider between her and her peers.

I work at the school she attends and it breaks my heart watching her struggle with things that other kids don’t think twice about doing.

As usual when I struggle for words, a poem is born.


Secondary Thinking

by Alienhippy

So much goes on inside my head without the added mass

Of working through the feelings felt of whether CAL will pass

The scrutiny of strangers watching her every move

Every moment of her day and how she has to prove

That she needs help to make things better

I have it all written in this long letter

All the things that she CAN’T do

Making her different from you


But every part of me is screaming

Look at how my baby’s dreaming

She is SO unique her mind is inspiring

Her patience, kindness, love of trying

She is a fighter with a heart of gold

My arty/poet truth being told

A musician, gamer and a writer

Her future will be so much brighter

Give her a place in special school

Please, anything else is just too cruel


8 thoughts on “Secondary Thinking

  1. Beautiful poem ,Lisa .I can imagine what you feel by just reading your poem .It’s nice to be able to express ones self like you do .

  2. Was wonder…do you not have the equivalent of USA’s “Charter School” in England where children are provided with the public school curriculum but in a more student centered apporach to educational programs and the arts?

    • Thanks for caring slp, I spoke with her SLT today and also the SENCo.
      I signed some forms…I hate forms, but the DHT knows me and understand about my dyslexia, so she was great. They have 4 more therapists reviewing *CAL. So reports should go in soon.
      It looks pretty promising and if she gets a place they will work with her at her level.
      She is extremely talented with art/music and poetry. She is a high achiever and performs well in the classroom, however she can’t even walk down a busy corridor. She clings to the wall and freezes.
      Love and hugs. x

  3. She’s SO blessed to have such a wonderful understanding and loving mom like you 🙂

    God is in it all and will bring the BEST outcome for you all
    Hugs ((( )))

    • Thank you my lovely friend.
      I’m the one who feels blessed having such wonderful kids.
      God is good, He will sort this out.
      Love you my friend. xxxx
      {{{hug}}} right back at ya. 🙂

    • It is a rather lovely photo, I took it down the park.
      She is gorgeous I agree and so is *AJ
      And so are your kids Fi. All 3 of them, just beautiful.
      Aren’t we blessed. 🙂

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