Fractals and Roast Chicken

Fractals and Roast Chicken

I had an idea today. Mr Locoman was on a Vintage Bus Trip with his Dad, so I thought it would be nice to drive into the country and have a nice English pub lunch.

My Kids and God, had other ideas!

As I could totally understand their point of view, *CAL and me collected *AJ from the gym and we drove back home so I could start cooking Sunday lunch….Errrgggh.

Well…. NO AMOUNT of ABBA was keeping this girl in the kitchen today. I found myself pacing the rooms, I had an idea in my head and it would not go away.

I threw the Chicken in the oven….yes literally.

Attacked some spuds and very quickly chopped veggies.

NO…ABBA certainly wasn’t doing anything for me today, I couldn’t even be bothered to sing it. When usually I dance too.

I don’t really like cooking…can you tell???

So, I had to switch off my brain the best way I know how to. ART.

Fractals are like mixing paint and watching fireworks without the mess or the noise. They are relaxing and easy and while they render, they give you time to check the dinner.

I made these while the Sunday roast cooked, my frustration melted as I watch the wonder of the Apophysis program bring to life my playtime.

My Chicken dinner was really nice actually and far more healthy than Steak, Chips and Beer….lol

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13 thoughts on “Fractals and Roast Chicken

  1. the fractals are very pretty .I have to be able to appreciate all types of paintings ,before I can pick out certain things about it them especially the type you just did .I wish I could ,but that is my down fall as I’ve said before I’m not artistic even a little bit .lol
    Eileen xo

  2. We’re having roast turkey today as it’s thanksgiving here .I bought the stuffed one and have never gotten it before .They say it’s really good .It has to be roasted from frozen .This takes about 5-6 hrs or so .Won’t know til we eat it .

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