by Lisa Lock

When no-one wants to know Lord who you are

To help us understand we seem so far

The harvests great, the workers but a few

Forgive us Lord, we know not what we do


When your children do not love your family

The truth about your Son we do not see

We meet to love yet sit on our regular pew

Forgive us Lord we know not what we do


Unconditional love…we find it hard to feel

You put upon our hearts your holy seal

Help us grow and see your point of view

Live in us Lord and guide in all things new


When this world seems a dark place, and with you we stand alone

When religious man and sinner, cast their scoffing stone

As we look up to Heaven, and await a better place

Help us see you shining, the reflection in your face

Give us each day our armour, so we don’t throw stones too

Forgive us Holy Spirit, we know not what we do.


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