Just got time for a quick blog.

Just got time for a quick blog.

I have just driven my son The Amazingly Awesome *AJ and his wonderful girlfriend The Adorable *A, to the cinema. I need to go fetch them in a couple of hours. So I thought I’ve just got time to blog what I just giggled so hard about.

On the way *AJ was chatting away about various things. As I am the coolest Mom going, he didn’t mind me listening and joining in….lol

Our discussion was first about my addiction to blogging. Which he had various suggestions about and then we quickly went back to his obsession with facebook, msn and YouTube…end of discussion.


image from Google


The second subject was the energy drinks that he was smuggling into the cinema along with various other items hidden about his person. According to my son this particular energy drink, has an ingredient in it called “Taurine.” Which he is convinced is Bull Sperm.



I haven’t got a clue, I haven’t looked it up. So, if anyone out there knows exactly what Taurine is, feel free to comment. It takes me an age to read and understand with my dyslexic brain.


image from Google


Our third topic was *AJ best friend,

The Super Sexy and SO, SO Quirky *DW.KLYMAX.

*AJ says, “Mom, you’ll never guess what *DW did today!” Then bursts out laughing. It takes him a time to compose himself then tell me that *DW purchased himself a Where’s Wally costume. Because he had decided to walk around our busiest shopping mall at its busiest time, on its busiest day. Those who follow my blog will know that only on the 4th October. I mentioned that *DW hadn’t coped well with this same shopping experience.

This lovely autistic teenage lad, has obviously challenged himself and found a way of over-coming his fear of shopping.

God bless him.

I just love quirky….good on you *DW, I’m so very proud of you…x


6 thoughts on “Just got time for a quick blog.

    • Hello Dearna,
      Welcome back it’s so great that you visit, I love meeting new people. It’s quite funny *AJ and his Girlfriend were drinking these drinks in the car. How *A, didn’t throw up I’ll never know. *AJ went into great detail about this topic, even referring to the texture of the drink and why he believed this to be true. I couldn’t possible blog what he said, he is a 17 year old lad. I think you can guess the quality of the conversation….lol
      Love and hugs. x

      • Gota love boys! I found your blog through the wonderful Fiona and I really enjoy reading what you write. Oh and I loved the fractals, something very soothing about them.

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