I don’t think I like Facebook anymore!

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I don’t think I like Facebook anymore!

When I got up this morning I found a message in my inbox, pointing out my son’s choice of words used on facebook. He is 17 and this world is hard work. He is trying to fit the best he can. At first I wrote this letter for the person who left the comment. Then I decided to blog it, because I don’t know how many others have the wrong impression of my boy.

Hello, Thank you for bringing my son’s status comment to my attention, I very rarely go on fb. I don’t really enjoy it and find the conversations shallow and meaningless. I don’t approve of my sons’ choice of words here either, I will certainly have a chat with him. However…Please don’t think bad of him, he also has undiagnosed Aspergers syndrome and the move from school to college has been a big change for him. He is having to make new friends at college, as his real friends are in different classes, and I suspect he is trying to fit the best he can.

He is a sensitive boy that asks a lot of questions and people take him the wrong way all the time. He isn’t at all how he portrays himself on fb. fb is a lot of pressure for teenagers to fit and look cool. I read the comment that you spoke of and it is not nice that he wrote that. What he said is actually the teen slang here at the moment for “I really like this game.” I suspect he wrote it in his excitement of the release of, “Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2.” He is quite impulsive and doesn’t always think, but he is still very young and what he has done really hasn’t hurt anyone.

I was surprised that you knew *AJ and then realised he has been collecting again. He has 1266 friends added. He has also made a collection of photos of women making sandwiches, this I did know about, and found his collection quite funny. It looks like he has also been making his own imaginary groups, and has added too many people to his siblings list. Most of them I have never heard of.

He is very young and God is working in his life. God loves him unconditionally and so do I. I think he is amazing, you don’t know how hard it is for him. He is an “A “grade student, being prepared for a Russell group University, through a collegiate programme. He writes poetry and song and plays guitar, all self taught. He is kind and sensitive and protects his little sister fiercely, as he understands her confusion in this world. He is the sort of lad that helps homeless and confused people on the street. He once found a man wandering and was so concerned he took him to a medical centre. He very rarely goes out and only really has 2 close friends. His girlfriend and his best friend are both Autistic and go to special school. He stims and self soothes and has ADHD traits which he controls with jogging and running now.

I don’t share too much on my blog about how amazing my son is, because he gets embarrassed and I will not make his life any harder than it already is. Please read these posts I have added, they will help you to understand, and see who he really is.

I am EXTREMELY proud of my son, and the comment that he wrote really doesn’t mean a lot to me.

Because it is NOT who he is….it’s just stupid facebook chat, and this world’s pressure on him to conform.

“I love my kids, they are my life!!!”










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