Five Minute Challenge

A very close friend of mine set me a challenge to write a poem in five minutes or less. I took her up on her challenge and gave her the poem I wrote. I didn’t quite manage to get it down in five, but it was a very nice poem, and she loved it. She also managed to do a five minute poem herself, it’s a very beautiful, peaceful and calming poem…very lovely. I loved her poem too, can you tell.  🙂

Well I had to try again! With my constant aspie thinking and dyslexic dysfunction.

I thought free flow…is the only way to go!

So I got some random piece of calming music that was less than five minutes long.

(courtesy of YouTube )

Switched off, as much as I possibly could and zoned in, and this is what come out.

Five Minute Challenge.

Spiritual moment answered

by Lisa Lock

As I walk the trail

I hear, I see, I sense

What is this?

It captivates

My spirit and soul

How can this be explained

How can we understand

It has no reason

No prediction

Only a sense

Intimate knowing

A treasure to uphold

To share with those

Who are there with us



The sheer awareness

Remain in the presence

He who gives strength

He who loves

He who gives and never fails

So we go to meet with Him

Share with those

He connects.


Anyone who read this and is completely confused.

My Mom taught US a saying that me and my little Sis use regularly.



7 thoughts on “Five Minute Challenge

  1. I love it Lisa, it’s a straight from the heart poem, no holding back. The music is lovely, totally meditational and very inspiring. I think you may need to provide the rope swing for some though sis you lovely branch of hope.
    How about a 3 minute sonnet next? Love you xxxx

    • I looked up what a sonnet is in the dictionary, it said;
      sonnet…a poem of 14 lines using any of a number of formal rhyme schemes, having 10 syllables per line. I’m confused already, there is no way I could get my head round that in 3 minutes. It’s a good job I know you’re just playing me up. You’re just one cheeky little Madame.
      BUT…I love you anyway. Now get the poop scoop and clean my dog yard….LMHO. X

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