Another shower Revelation….lol

Another shower Revelation….lol

I don’t know why but my brain seems to piece things together while in the shower. Sometimes I can be in there that long thinking and praying that I run out of hot water. It might just be that it’s the “time out” that I need and something about hot water helps me think. I really don’t know! and really don’t care!

I had an extremely emotional day yesterday, and spent a lot of the day trying to process through how I was feeling and why I was feeling this way.

It was my Mom’s Birthday yesterday…I miss her very much, but it was also mine and Mr Locoman’s 12th Wedding Anniversary.

I find 3rd October very hard and confusing. Even though it was lovely to get married on my Mom’s Birthday and very special for her, now she is no-longer here, it is really hard for me.

My son *AJ was really lovely and seemed to understand exactly how I was feeling. We went for a drive and he chatted. One of the things *AJ mentioned to me was that while he was clothes shopping with his Best Friend *DW.Klymax, a nickname obviously…Teens gotta love

(I will just mention here that *DW is diagnosed with Autism)

Well…yes, shopping, *AJ had his plan of what to buy and as he** LOVES clothes knows this shopping mall like the back of his hand. *DW also needed clothes and had enough money for *AJ to be drooling. After many hours and *AJ spending every penny he had, *DW had only purchased one top and that was the one *AJ told him to buy.

Me being me said, “Well obviously he had too many options, next time*AJ help him to decide by picking three that he likes, and then ask him to choice. You made it too confusing for him, it’s a very big shopping centre!”

*AJ saw the sense in this because this is how I have taught him to shop.

Later while at home *CAL then starts circling, she does this when she’s thinking at home. But as I was on the computer trying to write up an email of mental ramblings of my own. I found it quite distracting and told her to go and find something to do.(I had very little patience yesterday)

She went off and sat daydreaming in the living room for about an hour. (When I realised this I asked)

“Why are you not doing anything?”…*CAL, “I am, I’m daydreaming”…ME, “I mean playing with something, you have so many toys, why don’t you go and play with them?” …CAL, “‘Cause I don’t know what to do!”

Too many options I thought…gave her a choice of three and she decided to colour in.

Then… the discussion,

ME…”I’m not happy!” HIM…(silence) ME… “I miss my Mom!” HIM…(more silence) ME “You make me sad!” HIM…(more silence and he starts folding things) ME… “I wish you would say something!” HIM…(Look of fear and gets out the ironing board)

This went on and on and on….I then retreated to my comfort zone.

My Revelation in the shower was. My hubby maybe able to cope better with this world than I can.

BUT my, “frantic and obsessively analytical workings and seemingly obsessive ways”…(Thank you for the quote God and the source)

Can cause him to shut down.

“Quite a Revelation don’t you think!”


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