We Welcome…….SUBAQUALOPS!!!

We Welcome…….SUBAQUALOPS!!!


In August 2008, my little *CAL (age 7 at the time)entered a competition at the local gamer shop. We were there collecting a game that she wanted and she saw the rules for this competition displayed on the notice board. She then took it on herself to design her own game. She spent the next 4 days imagining and creating SUBAQUALOPS.

There were no age restrictions on this competition…..(which I felt was most unfair)

All the game entrants were viewed together…..(even the adult gamer drawings)

And there were four prizes to be won.

It so happened that my girl came 4th…..this was brilliant.

And this is why……

1st prize…18 year old art student.

2nd prize…A guy in his early 20’s

3rd prize…16 yr old Goth-girl

4th prize…my 7 year old *CAL

The prizes given were…

1st= PS3…2nd=10 games…3rd=5 games

4th= drawings displayed in the shop.

Well I don’t think that SUBAQULOPS or my *CAL got the recognition they deserved.

So…We Welcome…SUBAQUALOPS…to my blog.


Alienhippy image






8 thoughts on “We Welcome…….SUBAQUALOPS!!!

  1. CAL, you are absolutely awesome!
    You definitely should have won my dear.
    You are simply amazing just like your mom 😀

    • Thank you everyone.
      I did feel that there should have been some age groups added to this competition. Also she didn’t understand that she had actually won because she didn’t receive a prize. She didn’t spot the age of the other winners, so she didn’t see the accomplishment of 4th.
      Me being me , it has nagged at me for 2 years. I just love SUBAQUALOPS, I think he’s really cool.
      I have thought of using him, and the other characters, as an animation or cartoon for children’s books.
      You are all very lovely, and CAL is very excited by all your lovely comments.
      Love you all. x

    • Hello Dearna, thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for your comment. *CAL gets SO excited about having new people following ‘CAL’s cool stuff’ You are so very welcome here. I hope you enjoyed your visit and come back soon.
      Love and hugs. x 🙂

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