My Kids are very clever but also very crafty.

My Kids are very clever but also very crafty.

Between the two of them they have worked out, that with my dyslexic and aspie tendencies, I find it impossible to read anything if there is any form of disturbance around me.

I mean any form of disturbance, it could just be someone standing watching me read…believe it or not.

This is really annoying and I intend to move my computer out of this room and into the conservatory as soon as I can. This room has too many doors in it, and sees too much traffic.

As I was trying to read my favourite blogs yesterday my little *CAL had the sudden urge to play Club Penguin.

*AJ was close by and with a glint in his eye said, “*CAL… I know how to stop her reading!”

Unfortunately, YES….he does!… I get SO annoyed with him with this…..( I say with a smile and grind my teeth) Eeerrgghh

Now I know that I prayed for him to come out of his bedroom with his guitar and sing with his beautiful voice. I even blogged about it.

God has such a sense of humour ……..very, very funny, God…….lmho

*AJ has created, what I now refer to as his…. “NOM, NOM SONG.”

He walks around the room strumming chords on his guitar and inventing rhyme about what food he would like me to go and cook…..He is very cheeky this way, and I find it SO distracting….. I end up losing my rag.

Well….NOW… he has got *CAL at it.

Club Penguin was her motivation, her natural ability to string words together in the form of poetry, teamed up with my *AJ’s cheekiness and love of singing…took them off into another room where they wrote me a song.

Mommy…Please get off the computer!

Chorus…Mommy get off computer! computer! computer! (x2)

Verse 1.

(It started with YoVille) and now it’s a blog!

(She won’t get off email) she’s making a vlog!

(She’s playing some Pac-man) she won’t feed the dog!

(She’s writing a poem) is that an animated frog?

Chorus…Mommy get off computer! computer! computer! (x2)

Verse 2.

(She’s shootin’ the “ASTROIDS”) she’s laughing out loud!

(She don’t go on Facebook) she’s in the blog crowd!

(She thinks we’re autistic) but no we’re artistic!



So Get Off….. The Computer.

Jazz-Hands….to finish

I found this highly hilarious and I’m SO glad I filmed them…..lmho

Yes….I was kicked off the computer for the evening. Club Penguin was then zoned into, and…….. I’m going to save up for another computer for this little house, or at least a laptop.

And just to get my own back, the video of them singing this to me, for the first time.

I SO love my kids!

14 thoughts on “My Kids are very clever but also very crafty.

    • Hello Jean, Irelands grey today then. England had the rain all day yesterday. It was wonderful, I had twenty eight 9 year olds, in a confined space for wet playtime, when I already had a headache.
      But today the sun is out so I get to stand around in a playground, getting hit in the face with footballs and sorting out tiffs.
      Glad you enjoyed my kids performance….they are very funny, I may put more of their antics on to entertain others.
      Love and {{{HUGS}}} x 😀

  1. My stupid net book won’t let me view the clip but the words made me giggle,
    They are gorgeous kids Lees,
    Love ya XX

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