My Hubby… Loves Trains and Transport

My Hubby… Loves Trains and Transport

In fact he can be obsessed with it, his whole family is. My first experience of this was way back in January 1998 when he first took me to meet his parents….. (on the posh side of our city)

His family home is brimmed with railway memorabilia and their back garden has a model railway with village, viaduct and repairs shed. This is open to the public on occasion. His Father as even had DVD’s published of Railways through the years…. (I felt slightly out my depth, but they ARE lovely people)

I found this all very exciting and quite fascinating when we first got married, it was all very new and little*AJ… (as I had been married before) was only 5 and he loved “Thomas and Friends” he just loved all things on rails.

As the years went on the chat of the railway and other forms of transport started to bore me to tears…… (not  my hubby I must say)

Meeting up and chatting Railway became so depressing. I had to device plans how to get out of it, as my brain would shutdown or meltdown with annoyance… (I just can’t put it any other way…lol)

I would find my eyes glazing over…..and my brain would just go off somewhere else. (Somewhere more interesting)

Or…… I would get all agitated inside and need to leave….IMMEDIATELY !!!!

As no-one had any understanding of my Aspie ways back then…INCLUDING MYSELF, this must have seemed very rude.

Well 12 years on and train chat still drive me mental. The constant DVD’s of train noises with the monotonous drone of the DVD presenters makes me cringe.

However…one train I do love!

We go on it as a family (all 4 of us) every year. The Santa Express. This is a wonderful adventure on a Steam train. We drink Mulled wine, eat mince pies and  roasted chestnuts. Then get to see Santa at the other end…..I just love it…’s SO magical.

Today as I prayed and spent time with God, He revealed many things. One of them being my stubborn and selfish attitude, towards my husband’s one true interest. I realised that it wasn’t the trains or the transport that were the problem. It was my own insecurity, around people, in an environment where he was happy and I was not.

I write this blog to help me understand about my differences in the hope of acceptance, and all the time I am being a hypocrite. I now realise that acceptance goes both ways and it’s time for me to change.

It is not the experience of trains that is the problem it is my social difficulty with people, as I am very limited in what I can talk about. I actually really love my in-laws Railway layout, it is wonderful, and a lot of love has gone into its creation.

I just don’t enjoy listening to everyone talking about it….LOL

So… as I am very visual I decided to post some lovely photos of Trains, Buses and Model Railways, that my hubby (Mr Locoman) has taken.

And say “SORRY LOVE… I threw the baby out with the bath water.”

Shall I book the Santa Express??? Or the Hogwarts???

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4 thoughts on “My Hubby… Loves Trains and Transport

    • You poor thing slp….what about an LP of train noises from the early 70’s, including station announcements and definitions of track movements. Would that help, it nearly killed me.
      LMHO…..Love and hugs. xxx

  1. You have made me cry, I hope Mr Locoman reads this post. Trains and Buses aren’t as bad as some other peoples hobbies. God has a wonderful way of working things out doesn’t he? Love you very much sis xxxx

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