Hi…I was wondering?

Hi, I was wondering and I hope you don’t mind me asking your advice.

Little ME

How do I switch off to people who don’t accept me?

I’m feeling very hurt by some people at the moment, and I don’t know how to stop myself from thinking about this.

Some are embarrassed by me talking about Aspergers and it being SO obvious in those around me. I know it’s just ignorance and denial but it hurts my feelings that they are telling me what to do.

I will not give up my blog, and I will not pretend to be “normal” any more. So, they are giving me the cold shoulder.

My blog has helped me so much, I feel accepted and happy with who I am for the first time in my life. But I love these people and I hate that I am making them unhappy.

Part of me feels that If they really loved me, then they would accept me, and be happy that I am happy.

I know it is a shock for them to finally meet the real me. After all I have never allowed myself to “BE” before, but I have always “BEEN”, I was just locked inside.

I’m sorry to ask you and I’m sorry for dumping on you. It’s just that I am an extremely emotional person and I hate conflict. So I thought that maybe you might be able to help me with this.

Don’t worry if you have no answers it was just a thought.

Love you.  x


Why I have shared this…

Jesus had Three friends that he confided in… Peter, James and John. (Mark 14:33)

I have Three friends who I trust, these are the answers they came back with.

1. You need to keep being you, and let them be them.

2. Maybe this NEEDS to come to a head so that it can be dealt with once and for all.

3. I wonder if you could blog this?  It’s very loving and heartfelt, not at all acrimonious. Maybe some of your bloggy friends have suggestions too.


Little ME photo…..

This photo was taken at the time I started to realise that I was different. I remember being told to smile but I didn’t feel like smiling.

The teacher told me off and I tried my best to smile but I hated the camera and I felt sad.

My Nanny had just died and I didn’t know how to NOT feel sad.

I still don’t know how to NOT feel sad, when I care.

NOTE: Can I just add that those mentioned in my letter are not those I live with, my immediate family are all very supportive. I do not intend for this to hurt anyone it is just how I am feeling.


10 thoughts on “Hi…I was wondering?

  1. Stuff em! Mom used to use a funny gesture for these people. I think you are suffering from a case of ‘normal influitis’ the only way through, is to one finger solute the a-holes and get on with being you. Mom also used to say “They are just jealous!” after all what normal person wouldn’t be, you are a beautiful artistic genius. Don’t let anything or anyone get you down, don’t let it stop you from climbing. I love you sis and I’m very proud of you. xxxx

  2. You are not making people unhappy! They are unhappy for their own reasons, having nothing whatsoever to do with you. If your being yourself makes people unhappy, that’s their problem and they should seek help straightaway.

    I wish I had that switch that would allow me to switch off when people don’t accept me; I’d lend it to you in a heartbeat! It’s very hard to see that “why can’t you just be normal?” look, and it can make you feel so lonely. That’s when I remember that God made me just as I am and that God does not make mistakes. People make mistakes–like insisting upon other people fulfilling their expectations. God’s love is unconditional and unending, so keep your eye on that!

    And remember, whatever people think of you, that’s their experience of you. They can only see you through the lens of their own thoughts. No one can see you clearly but you and God.

    • Oh Rachel….thank you so very much for your words, they are wonderful!
      I SO need to go and buy your book. I’m terrible with reading books though, in fact I’m terrible with reading anything, it just takes me so long.
      But I think I may have to just push myself with yours my dear, you so relate to where I am coming from, with this.
      Love and hugs. Lisa. x

  3. Hi there, I am still catching up on my blog reading, so I am sorry I did not comment here sooner.
    I am so sorry you have had such a difficult time with some people in your life.
    I love your blog, which is the only way I know you, but I think your honesty, spirit, faith and creativity you share here are inspiring and deeply touching. I am very glad to have found your blog.
    I know it is very hard not to feel hurt by people’s rejection. I hope you are celebrating yourself, indulging in what you enjoy and what makes you the unique wonder that you are. You deserve respect and love. Please remember that!
    Hugs to you. x

    • Thank you so much for you lovely and encouraging words.
      I am sorry I didn’t see this comment, I some how missed it.
      You’re a very lovely person and thank you for visiting my blog, I feel quite taken aback.
      Love and hugs to you. xx

  4. Lees, I have never ever seen this post before…..? Weird !!
    But I do see that you’ve written the advice I gave you on this so i feel very honored to be your friend.
    Keep being you.
    That’s who God created you to be…..
    Fi x

    • Hello lovely,
      It doesn’t matter that you didn’t see this post.
      Your friendship got me through it anyway.
      I feel very blessed to have you as my friend.
      Love you.
      Lees. 🙂 xxxx

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