Let me WHACK 100 Golf balls……now I’m back to being CAL!

Let me WHACK 100 Golf balls……now I’m back to being CAL!

My little *CAL challenged herself to going to a children’s indoor play zone yesterday. She has never been good with these places. She hates heights, noise, smells, crowds and confusion and let’s just say these places present one big SLAP of that.

As it was her own decision, I thought I would go along with her choice to do this. I thought how brave of her to want to battle her fears, and prepared myself as I also find these places one big nightmare.

Let’s just say…..OMGOODNESS!!!!

How many people can they cram into one room?

Why do kids kick each other down slides?

Do they really have to have the music so loud, on top of all the noise already?

And… whatever possessed me to go on a Saturday?……What a Noodle!!!

I spoke to the lady about returning on a quieter day, then we popped to the loo to be screamed at by the hand-dryers.


We sat in the car and thought for a while….I could see that my girl was upset that she couldn’t cope with it all, even though she is 10 now. She told me she thought she would grow out of being frightened.

ok……What does an ASPIE-MOM do???

Well…. this is what I did!

I drove her to the Golf Range, paid for 100 golf balls…..and I watched her WHACK EM!

And her smile came back. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Let me WHACK 100 Golf balls……now I’m back to being CAL!

  1. Well done! And good for her. Sweet thing. Coleman sucks it up to come in stores with me sometimes, but when we get back he has to be alone, in his room, in the dark. It’s just too much.


    It’s hard to make it all better.

    Luv Ya!

  2. Thanks Laura,
    I feel like I let her down, I hate them types of places. I know see probably senses this and that wouldn’t help. I’m very good at finding the escape root, I know you get what I mean.
    Love you too. x thanks for the hugs 🙂

  3. Fabulous posting. This is important and just a tremendously nicely structured post, just the critical info I was looking for. I praise you

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