A comment poem from my Sister

This is a poem written for me by my younger sister, she left it in my comments on my post called, “Lost in paint”

I just wanted to share it, because I love this poem so much.

A comment poem from my Sister

Acrylic on Canvas (18"x24")

Fish…..emmmm, Well do I need to get started there? Oh well I’m going to anyway…..

I once knew a young woman
Who was a ‘fisher for men’,
But I’m sure that she had a blind guide.
But now she has grown
In the Lord and herself.
And she leads with the Lord by her side.
I don’t think she sees it
She often can’t tell
But just being herself
She’s filled up a well
For all of us fishes
To swim, drink and breath.
The message is simple
In our selves we should believe.

Because God made us this way and we’re beautiful
innit sis? Love you xxxx


I love my little sister SO much, thank you bab.


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