The Still Small Voice

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The Still Small Voice

by Lisa Lock

I wish I wasn’t so intense

Because it causes so much stress

My thoughts and feelings pour from me

Then I’m left in one big mess

Not knowing if I’ve said too much

Or worded it the right way

I know I’m honest and speak my truth

But do I always have to say

What’s on my heart and in my head

Can’t I just not care instead

It seems to be the most popular way

But I guess today, I just need to pray

The still small voice I hear, calms my fear

As tears roll down my face, I am comforted by His grace


17 thoughts on “The Still Small Voice

  1. The still small quiet voice is often the hardest one to hear.
    He is a merciful and peaceful God full of grace.
    We just need to sit still, and quiet our thoughts (hard I know) and listen for that still small voice

    God once told me that if I stopped yelling and ranting at him long enough, that I’d have no trouble hearing him when he spoke!
    He said he isn’t going to compete with my volume….OUCH!

  2. Wow – this is so beautifully written. In a loud and hectic world, it’s so important to try to listen out for the still small voice. Thanks for that reminder! Chloe xx

    • Hi Chloe, you are very welcome. I was sat in a wonderfully peaceful place when I wrote this. A place where I go when this world, and my own emotions seem to hard for me to cope with. I believe it is very important sometime to step out of the norm, to connect with God. Love and hugs. x 🙂

    • Thank you my friend, I have decided that I need a volume control to switch off my own ranting. I’m sure life will be alot easier once they install it….. lol
      Love and hugs,
      Lisa. x 🙂

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  5. My favorite line out of all this was, “Can’t I just not care instead.” Because, yes. Ofcourse you could just give up everything. But in our daily lives we all know it feels much better to speak your mind, feel like you were that one person who didn’t give up. That person who accomplished something. Or anything at all.

    ❤ ❤ Loved this!

    By the way, I was reading this while listening to the song, "over my head – the fray". I think you'd love it! If you havn't heard it before:)

    • Thank you for introducing me to this new song. I did really like it!! 🙂
      Sometimes, it would be easier to just not care. It hurts when you do!
      Problem is though, it doesn’t sit well with the soul does it?!
      I have to pray lots about this, because as a adult with Asperger’s sydrome I misunderstand a lot of people. I get very hurt when I realise that people I care about don’t really care about me.
      I like that song so much I decided to add a link so other readers to listen to it.
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

  6. 🙂

    What exactley is Asperger’s syndrome?
    I have a friend on FaceBook that I talk to sometimes. She doesn’t seem different in any way. She just seems to be mad at herself alot. And a little scatter minded. But, I’m scatter Minded too.

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