I love my kids, they are both so wonderful.

*CAL…..Look at the concentration, a perfectionist in all she does. An Artist and a Poet with the kindest of hearts.

Alienhippy image

*AJ…..My bottle of fizzy pop, always ready to see the good in all. Focussed…Fascinating…and so Funny. He will explore new areas of his life in awe of the adventure. Smiling his way through.

Alienhippy image

Like I said…..I LOVE MY KIDS


16 thoughts on “I LOVE MY KIDS

    • Thank you Chloe, they are lovely kids, I am very proud of them. *AJ was dressed ready to go to his school leavers Prom. Thank you for your comment, I do love getting comments. Love and hugs. x

    • Yes slp, that was an adventure Sunday that went a little wrong. We also had an adventure Sunday where *AJ nearly choked on a stork of wheat, because he was imitating a farmer. His afternoon adventure was taking photographs of his own X-rays at ENT. Which he later used as his fb profile…he is SO funny.
      He does love his adventures.
      I do love my kids. x

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