I had a wonderful afternoon, yesterday.

I had a wonderful afternoon yesterday after a dear friend emailed me a list of her favourite Worship songs. I played these lovely new breaths of God through my pc while getting on with stuff…like you do. Then later on compiled a list to send back to my precious friend.

One of the songs I sent to her is O, for a closer walk with God.

This version is by INCHRISTALONE and is my all time favourite.

The first time I heard this was just after the death of my wonderful Mom. She had been my connection to this world and to God, she helped me to make sense of who I was, and still does on a daily basis. When she was no-longer here to chat to I felt totally lost. This song or mainly the words of this song became embedded in me for the next six months, and kept me going.

This is the full version of the hymn


1. O for a closer walk with God,

A calm and heavenly frame;

A light to shine upon the road

That leads me to the Lamb!


2. Where is the blessedness I knew,

When first I saw the Lord?

Where is the soul refreshing view

Of Jesus and His word?


3. What peaceful hours I once enjoyed!

How sweet their memory still!

But they have left an aching void

The world can never fill.


4. Return, O holy Dove, return,

Sweet messenger of rest!

I hate the sins that made Thee mourn,

And drove Thee from my breast.


5. The dearest idol I have known,

Whate’er that idol be,

Help me to tear it from Thy throne,

And worship only Thee.


6. So shall my walk be close with God,

Calm and serene my frame;

So purer light shall mark the road

That leads me to the Lamb.

William Cowper. (26 November 1731 – 25 April 1800)


Just for the record…..yes I did make William Cowper my special interest for a month or two. He was a very interesting, God fearing, wonderful man. Who suffered badly with what I believe would now be called an ASD….but that is just my opinion….lol

I Thank God that William documented his life through writing, poetry and song.

AMEN. x 🙂


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