Fighting through my dyslexic brain freeze

Fighting through my dyslexic brain freeze

by Lisa Lock

I have this blogging buddy, who’s words make a wonderful sound.

As I am slow to read most words, I find it rather profound.

That her blog has grabbed my attention, so the dictionary stays at my side.

While I ponder my way through her writing, I find my brain has opened wide.

To new words like;

Exacerbated and Nuances.

Mitochondrial. Atypicalities and Reciprocity.

Correlation. Constitution. Causation. Connotes.

Proponents and Encephalopathy.

Oh…let’s not forget…NEURODIVERSITY…hehe

Well I can’t help but wonder, if when I was a child.

The way Laura shares might have inspired the wild…er

Side of my brain that loves to learn and read.

Rewiring it so my many questions can feed.

And if her blog would have been there to see.

Then perhaps today I would not need a dictionary.

I just wish I could remember the words she shares with me.

If I could I would use them in my poetry.


note: As I haven’t got a clue how to pronounce most of those longer words, I’m not sure if this poem even flows right. I just had some fun writing it.

Also….I don’t think an audio would be too wise….lmho

Thanks to Laura for her writing, it is inspiring. x 🙂


13 thoughts on “Fighting through my dyslexic brain freeze

  1. I think your poetry is really wonderful. You have a way with words and you reach people with the way you contruct your poems.

    • You are such an encouraging commenter Chloe, I did really enjoy writing this poem about my friend Laura. She is one inspiring and clever lady.
      Thank you again for all you lovely comment.
      Love and hugs. x 🙂

  2. i have never had any trouble with words my trouble lies with numbers but makes you think about the wiring of the brain with my aspergers i often wonder what the indside of my brain is like

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