Just me…..TAZZING you where I am….lol

Just me…..TAZZING you where I am….lol

Like I said I've only just started

I started a new painting yesterday, I think I’m going to call it, “A bit of a journey.” It is a look back at all I have learnt in the last 3 months and 12 days of blogging.

I don’t quite know how this painting will turn out, I never plan anything…..those who know me understand this, I tend to just follow my inspiration, and God’s calling. This can however get me into all kinds of pickles, especially when I get so lost in my own world, I ignore everything else building up around me….like housework and decorating for instance…..lol

image from Google

I then realise when my hubby says, “I have no pants!” (underwear,  we call them pants here) That I have been lost in my own bubble for a few too many days and quickly run around doing my TAZ impersonation getting all the mundane, boring, yet totally necessary things done.

I have recently had a lovely conservatory built onto the back of my little house. It has become my most favourite room.


The light is so wonderful out there and I can open the windows and feel the breeze….or in yesterday’s case wild wind and Autumn leaves, BLOWING in my face. My dogs will very often poke their lovely faces through the window to see what Mommy is up to, and my many cats can be a real nuisance walking around knocking over my arty stuff,


or…….helping themselves to my nice fresh cup of tea…..Shuuuuu, psssssS…GET OUT.. you bloody nuisance! …lmho

The electrician is coming to fit me some sockets, wall lights and a heater (so need a heater our winters are not nice) next week, so I will be moving my computer out there too….yes, just lovely.

I do love the sound of the rain bouncing off the glass roof.

Alienhippy 1979

I find it so relaxing, it reminds me of caravan holidays in Wales when I was a kid…..hahaha

We BRITS know what rain is…..but nothing in comparison to our Welsh neighbours. “When planning a holiday in Wales always pack your wellies, boyo!”….lol ….giggle, giggle.

image from Google

I seriously need to stop trying with that Welsh accent, it’s just awfully bad…. really!

So this post is just me saying…..I really do need to get some housie stuff done. I will be back once I have de-TAZZED myself.


14 thoughts on “Just me…..TAZZING you where I am….lol

    • Thank you Big Daddy, when I said, “I don’t quite know how this painting will turn out.” I mean exactly that. If I have one of my aspie-tantrums because it isn’t perfect it could end up screwed up and thrown up a corner. But I think it is going ok so far. Thanks for popping by. x 🙂

    • Thank you spectrummymummy, but you know how these things go with us fidgets. If it doesn’t look how it is suppose to, and exactly like it does in my head, it could end up in the bin….lol. x 😀

  1. This is a truly great post and may be one that can be followed up to see what are the results

    A chum sent this link the other day and I am eagerly looking forward to your next piece of writing. Continue on the first-class work.

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