I am, what I am!

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I am, what I am!

by Lisa Lock

Do I value who I am? The one that God created!

As I ponder deep in reflected pain, experiences I’ve hated.

Separation from a loved one, the rejection of His Son.

And I wonder am I worthy, to be me?

I find it so confusing, I question am I losing

What is seen as God’s own Gift

I meander through adrift

On what I hold to being the truth

Truth being told I feel perplexed!

Reality of me, is not who I want to be

So I pray for help to bare, the person trapped in there

And it causes one big wave, as the Lord decides to save

The real me!!!


10 thoughts on “I am, what I am!

    • Thanks Richard, I don’t have a clue about poetry rules I just write what I feel inspired to write. So I can’t take any credit for it being a good job, I’m just the pen. Thanks for your comment. I really do appreciate your kindness. xx

  1. I feel the pain and the questioning in this poem. I sense you questioning your worthiness to receive God’s grace. But then I feel the joy welling up as you realize that the Lord accepts you as you are and loves you were you’re at!

  2. I read this yesterday and didn’t get to comment because I got side tracked…but I was thinking that none of us get to be who we really are in society…your voice and beauty shine through in your words…few are able to do even that with the constraints placed upon each of us…hold true to your dreams my friend.

  3. You have a natural ability to write and express yourself so well. I wish you well and personally think you are lovely. So it’s ok to love yourself x

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