Lost in Paint

Acrylic on Canvas (18"x24")


11 thoughts on “Lost in Paint

  1. I love the face. You know your gifted with paint and canvas. Fish…..emmmm, Well do I need to get started there? Oh well I’m going to anyway…..

    I once knew a young woman
    Who was a ‘fisher for men’,
    But i’m sure that she had a blind guide.
    But now she has grown
    In the Lord and herself.
    And she leads with the Lord by her side.
    I don’t think she sees it
    She often can’t tell
    But just being herself
    She’s filled up a well
    For all of us fishes
    To swim, drink and breath.
    The message is simple
    In our selves we should believe.

    Because God made us this way and we’re beautiful
    innit sis? Love you xxxx

    • Thank you, that is a lovely poem you wrote for me. I would love you to blog it, feel free to use my painting as an image too.
      My pen was dry, so I switched to the brush. Painted it this morning while listening to Christian worship music, but you already picked up on that with your observant arty eyes, and the, “Smile Jesus loves me,” face….You are just too good at this!!! Are you really sure you are a Surrealist and not dabbling in Abstract secretly???…..hehehe
      I found this a real release, it doesn’t really match my, “If I was a Koi Fish” though. They were meant to be a pair. Oh well it looks like God had other plans.
      I think it turned out ok, well the main thing is I enjoyed myself and my creative time with God.
      Love ya Sis. xxxx

    • Thank you, slp. It’s the aspie brain…I get a little obsessed in my interests, and I am a perfectionist. I paint when I have no words, this painting helped me so much today. I’ll brag a little here…. it only took me 2 hours…..lol.
      Once my inspiration kicks in, my mind and fingers go at such a speed.
      I LOVE that about my aspieness!!!
      Some artists take weeks even years to paint something. I haven’t got that kind of time or patience, but I have the concentration to get done exactly what I need to empty my thoughts. I have to, or they keep me awake.
      Love Lisa. x

    • Hello my Beautiful Boy,
      It does look rather good against the red brick I will agree with you, my darling son. Thank you for your encouraging comment and thank you for taking the time to have a look around you old Mom’s blog. You are such a sweetheart. Love you. xxxx

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