Aspie-Happy……yes it’s a song!

This is a silly song that I have written to help me.

It was inspired by a chat I had with my sister, where we agreed that mentioning Aspergers sometimes has to come out like a sneeze.


by Lisa Lock

I’m terrible bored with this silly horde

I’m absorbed with my own thinking

They’re talking too much, it’s just driving me nuts

And it isn’t at all interesting


I need to escape, find a nice quiet place

Where I can be by myself

I really love folk, but sometimes they’re a joke

I’m considering my mental health


You see…..

I….’ve…. got…. my



and I really, really, wish you’d


I’m just being ME!


Further inspiration… little mate MUMBLE

Just something really silly…..and no, I can’t sing, or play the guitar very well…..lmho

My husband thinks I sound like Pheobe Buffay…….You know the one who sang Smelly Cat on friends.

Very encouraging is my hubby….lol


17 thoughts on “Aspie-Happy……yes it’s a song!

  1. I love it sis, you’ve inspired me to write a song too, but you’ll have to sing it for me. I’ve got a series of Aspie sneezes going now. You are such a wonderfully inspirational person, xxxx

    • I think I’m a bit of a cross between Victoria Wood and Pheobe Buffay….only my cats aren’t smelly….lol. Love to sing your Aspie sneezes, for you. I do think though that you could do a bloody good job yaself sis. love ya. xxxx

    • I just had one of them silly days, slp….where I sit and entertain myself, I’m quite sad like that. Oh well…at least I make myself laugh…lol
      Mumble to me is THE VOICE! He speaks his heart-song through his happy feet.
      What an awesome little dude. xx

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