Filtering Process

image from Google (Electro-Fuzz)

Filtering Process

by Lisa Lock

You would not believe the filters I have to use to free

The processes I go through so I can truly see

The rehearsing and the questions

Constant battles in my brain

If I attached a loud speaker

You’d think that I’m insane


It will start with something simple

An interest that gives safety

Or acceptance from a person

Who likes me for being me

Then that safety forms a blanket

That covers all the crap

That the world has thrown upon me

That sealed me in my trap.


I document my way out

Through journals and through rhyme

Reflect on change to routine

And re-organise my time

Then make plans to share the burden

That I feel I may become

Praying that God rebuilds any damage I have done


I cannot change this process

I have lived and I’ve obsessed

I have walked this path for many year

Alone and left depressed

I have to fight right through it

Calling out to God above

Held, accepted in His wisdom

His Guidance and His Love


11 thoughts on “Filtering Process

    • I find writing poetry very therapeutic, slp. It is my last filter I am usually resolved after a poem. Don’t be sad this poem led me to realise that what I really needed to do was accept myself. God has given me everything I need to start doing this now. Filtering is hard work for me, but I learn so much from it. Thank you for caring. x

    • Arrr thanks Richard…What am I up to? errrrmmm….same ole, same know!
      Trying to co-exist while waiting to be collected. That bloody spaceship is taking a long time…lol. x

  1. I too feel your pain with this poem. However, like you say it is a journey you go through, where you learn something from it. Very good way to express yourself and you do it very well. You are very talented

  2. “Praying that God rebuilds any damage I have done”, You haven’t done anything wrong. You be you, remembering God loves you just the way you are. And because of God’s love “It all comes good in the end.” Synergy, -( ) is my metaphoric explanation to the cord of three strands. ( ) each of us have a role to play for God, others have their roles and when two work together for His good, then the force that is created between the two automatically grows the third strand, ‘God Power.’ So regardless of what people think or say or do about you to make you feel… “That the world has thrown upon me. That sealed me in my trap.” You must keep PUSHing on P.U.S.H (pray until something happens) Them filters are a blessing, God made you that way for a reason. xxxx

    P.S. I think the picture is brilliant, so hyper-actively appropriate, to express the speed and attitudes that our brains actively work at while we are filtering all the information, a process that seems quite absurd to others but totally necessary for us. Love you Sis x

    • Thanks for that sis, you always help me feel better. Nice cat isn’t he…he reminded me of Sammy, deep penetrating eyes that accepted me even when I was on meltdown with Meatloaf and Asteroids. His eyes never cause me confusion. Quite weird really I just Googled “Filtering Process” images, and there he was sitting there staring at me. I thought he seemed apt after my fractal flame interest. You know how God uses animals with me.
      At the moment I feel like I’m a cat who has been trained to bark and do all the usual, “sit, beg, roll over….that’s a good girl!” tricks. When really my inner-cats are independent no-nonsense creatures, you’ve experienced them. You know me babe, it’s not long before God’s over-pour, and I can’t stop God’s poking. I have had my cat leashed and muzzled too long, she is free now and learning to be a cat again. You remember Kitty and how unpredictable she was? She had a real problem with feeling cornered, came down to her insecurity, she was only 5 weeks old when she was taken from the litter. Sammy was a proud and confident Tom cat, he understood himself, that’s why he was such a listener. I will have to look to ASLAN. Love you little sis. xxxx
      (Yep, I am the crazy cat lady and I like it…lol )

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    • AMEN….meaning, “It is true,” or “So be it.” Thank you Eileen, I will have to pop by care2 soon and say, “Hi!”
      Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your comment. It made me get out my study Bible, something I have been meaning to do for some time. Love ya. x

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