Cyborg or not Cyborg….that is the question???

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Cyborg or not Cyborg….that is the question???

Yesterday I found myself in a pickle….my brain as usual was trying extremely hard to extract any logical explanations from my overly emotional, mixed signal, visual-audio, rerun/reran turmoil.

This is where I would love to have the switch to deactivate my emotion chip and step into the form of Cyberwoman. You understand I am still at the Cybergirl stage…as complete assimilation has been very kindly stopped by the loving finger of God…..Thank you Lord. x

While reading through my blog roll and visiting my friends blogs, I was able to, very nicely then, add more confusion on top of my already melting brain. Until I came across this post, written by a very good friend of mine.

Yes….it made me think, I mean…it made me really, really think….!!!

What about, I hear you ask???……..Well here you go!

I consider myself to be a bit of a 1980’s arcade legend. My high score on Asteroids, Ladbrokes holiday camp, Great Yarmouth 1982 was never beaten. I will brag on….LMHO

I was also the ONLY girl able to clear numerous rounds of Space Invaders, Pacman and Donkey Kong. The other girls only seemed to have the concentration span to be giggling while watching the boys play. Pathetic I know….tell me about it….hehehe… As I roll my eyes.

The boys were more interested in figuring out my gamer plan, as I was able to whoop their butts every time…….HA!!! Owned…lol

Oh yes, I can see myself now in my Rainbow roller-discos, ankle warmers and black satin hot pants, with a pocket full of 10p coins, and it makes me giggle.  😀

Alright, alright I’m back in 2010 again….I really do need to stop jumping in and out of my time Machine…..I swear one day them Morlocks will follow me back.

image from Google (Morlocks)

So as I was saying…..This post and how it made me think.

As a kid I developed a coping strategy when I felt overwhelmed, it went like this.

  1. Bang my way up stair as quickly as I could.
  2. Lock myself in my bedroom
  3. Put on extremely loud and angry music
  4. Switch on my ATARI, also at full volume
  5. Cram that much noise and speed into my head I couldn’t possible think

Interesting….I thought to myself. I wonder if it still works, because my brain is going that fast I am getting to the point where tears follow.

So here we go….online full screen Asteroids with a more modern look but still the original layout, and a few other classics.

Retro 80’s Arcade Games, full screen, with original sound…..gotta love that sound.






I know what you’re all thinking…..No, I have NOT lost the plot. This really did help me!

I was able to find some peace away from my own brain and then actually function like a human for the rest of the day.

All hail the ATARI game system….and give thanks to the googley lord, for its search into cyberspace.

Oh and one more thing,

Thank you Jesus you ‘get me’ so well !  X  🙂

Just a little something to amuse …….. 🙂

bIjatlh 'e' yImev = Shut up yIDoghQo' = Don’t be silly jIyajbe' = I don’t understand

KLINGON, I have forgotten it all.


15 thoughts on “Cyborg or not Cyborg….that is the question???

  1. Oh Lisa,
    I’m splitting my sides laughing at the visuals I’m forming in my head!

    And good on you!

    I must admit – I was like the other girls in the arcade – no attention span and more interested in the boys LOL

    • Yes my friend, but the boys were all watching meeee…lol. Or my extra fast fingers and hyper-active brain anyway. Thanks for the inspiration, I really enjoyed writing this.
      Love and hugs. x 😉

  2. I can totally so relate to this. Now you are talking my language. I am gettin on a bit now but I still love playing arcade games. This is very very amusing and you are very good at making people laugh

  3. Since I was one of the boys who sucked at these games, I feel that I have the right to laugh harder than anyone about this post…but seriously such games have been shown to be helpful for a number of neurological syndromes.

    • Well they certainly help my brain….shame I felt the pressure to conform and stopped playing them. Oh well….hopefully I have about another 40 years left to become who God intends. I’ll just keep singing, “Bum to the world!”….lol x

  4. Thanks for that. I remember you exactly as you discribed yourself. Crazy days at home. But may I just add, our brother was the same but had different tastes in angry music so me as little sis couldn’t manage to hear my musical films I enjoyed watching. Plus Our Moms way of handling this was “Well if you can’t beat them join them.” and so we’d end up having a music volume competition in the house until everyone had calmed down.

    • Yep…funny and Dad was in the kitchen banging pots and pans around singing Tom Jones. It’s amazing *J and *B lived next door for so long….they were the quietest of people. Them walls in our 60’s built house were paper thin too…..lmho. x

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