Bum to the World……….”Just Being Me!”

Bum to the World…..One of my favourites

Well in the essence of me, “Just Being Me!”

I thought I’d share a silly song from Britain.

One of my Favourites,

Victoria Wood…singing, Bum to the World!


4 thoughts on “Bum to the World……….”Just Being Me!”

  1. She rather reminded me of Tom Lehrer in the States during the 60s and 70s…same type of satire…thanks for the introduction to her…I’ll have to listen to more soon.

    • So glad you enjoyed it slp. I will have to look up your Tom Lehrer, if he’s like our Victoria I’m sure to love him.
      I grew up loving both Pam Ayres and Victoria Wood, if you fancy a giggle check this out.

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