Cybergirl’s Words

Cybergirl’s Words!

by Lisa Lock

I wish I had the words to express, the emotions that I feel.

The hurt inside my thoughts so wide, all consuming and so real.

I wish I knew what was really true, as I ponder every second.

With pictures, process, words and touch, these confused connections send.

What ifs and dids,  maybes and buts, video clips that drive me nuts.

And questions I just can’t keep in, obsessive demands of insecure nagging.

If you could visit inside my brain, you’d see the energy of me you drain.

Then you’d talk with me not gripe and smirk, you’d see how hard this makes me work.

So, please just open up your mouth, just let them words come dancing out.

I need to know what I need to do, or I get it all wrong and I can’t see through.

The muddled replays of confused devotion, wrapped up in a brain explosion.

Of imaginary or past signals, where I’ve conversed with many walls.

I beg you please just speak to me, help me see, or set me free.





7 thoughts on “Cybergirl’s Words

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  3. What words! What thoughts! What a voice! What a wonderful woman! Too bad for those who hold so tightly to their preconceptions that they can’t hold the hand of the ones they should love.

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