He gives me hope, and lights up my life.

He gives me hope, and lights up my life.

Watch out I’m going to get Spiritual….maybe even RELIGIOUS.

arrrgggghhh, “No Lisa don’t do it!”

What do you mean oh voice in my head? We made a decision to Just be me, well this is who we are ….so you can just shut up ok!

Ok. right what was I going to say? Yes that’s it.

My life at the moment is really confusing. I have just had a massive building job done on my home, well I say massive, it is massive for me and the mess it has created is even more massive. I find myself walking from one room to another, unable to find anything, and not really having a clue where to start with all the decorating, because every room has been affected by the build.

I got up really early this morning….errrr, yep it was still dark. Grabbed my favourite mug, poured myself a cup of tea, this English girl does love her tea! Then sat down to get some quiet time with God, as I felt it was He who woke me up.

I sat down and wrote out my prayer, I find this easier at first with the way my brain ticks. I then slipped into praise, then felt the sudden need to sing, ” YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE,” don’t ask me why I’m still puzzled by that one.

I thought “GREAT….it is the early hours of the morning, everyone’s asleep, it is a bank holiday Monday so everyone will want to sleep in, and I feel the sudden need to burst into spiritual song with my Lord and Saviour. To a song I don’t really know, and don’t even have in my collection.”

What do I do……?????

YOUTUBE!!!!….with headphones, lol.

Right the music is sorted, now how do I sing. Well that was simple enough I couldn’t, not in this little house. I found the song that was in my head, enjoyed LeAnn Rimes version the most. It was originally sung by Debbie Boone, in 1977. I then went on one of my inspired mooches around other songs suggested.

I then came across “The Promise” which I felt really spoke to me.

So I posted the song hoping you lovely lot could sing it for me. Well I think it worked because I managed to lay all the flooring in my conservatory today and it won’t be long till I can move my computer out there, where I will be able to sing my little heart out, because it is double glazed and away from the rest of the house.

I just thought, I haven’t done RELIGIOUS! Oh yes that’s right I forgot, I don’t really do RELIGIOUS anymore….hehehe. Thank you little voice!

Here is LeAnn Rimes singing, You light up my life, for whoever it is intended for. God Bless. x

If you’re wondering what is the point of all this??? Then you’ve obviously missed it.

As my lovely Mom used to say, “Mind the gap! ”

Or it could just be me babbling again!


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