Enrique or *AJ???…..and I can see God in this!

Enrique or *AJ???…..and I can see God in this!

I heard this song coming from my son’s bedroom a few days ago. Today I hear it still only now I have trouble trying to figure out if it is Enrique Iglesias singing, or my beautiful ,precious, intelligent, talented, kind-hearted son *AJ.

I would so love to be able to share a video of him singing and playing his guitar, but apart from singing in his room with his bedroom door firmly shut and to his girlfriend, (*A ) through msn video link. There is little hope of that happening at the moment.

Please help, I haven’t got a clue how to help him with this. He has such a gentle spirit. He is so talented but lacks the confidence he needs to just be himself…. His lovely girlfriend *A, asked him to learn this song and I see how much it means to him to get it perfect. He is so loving.

I just don’t want him to hide his talents away because of ignorant and jealous idiots, and there are quite a few around, as we know.

I am sat crying about this….and I am still unsure about posting this on my blog, but I am asking…..

Please could my friends out in blogland pray about this. Thank you. x

Yes I wrote this earlier on today, and then didn’t post it.


This is how the rest of the day panned out.

This week my lovely son *AJ got his GCSE results, he passed all of them with very high grades. I’m not going to brag….but he done REALLY well. I had secretly ordered him a second hand Italian/acoustic guitar, as a well done gift, which I was to collect today after midday.

After my emotional prayer time and journal writing, I then drove my car to the little town/village shop, a 15 minutes drive away from my home, while *AJ was at his mixed martial arts class.

When I entered the shop Mr-Music-Man, smiled at me and said. “I have something I want to do for your son!”

Mr-Music-Man likes *AJ, he is always trying to get him to play the guitars on display in his shop. He always comes out from behind his little counter to encourage him to get the guitars off their stands, as he knows *AJ would never touch them without asking.

Mr-Music-Man then explained that the other guy who had put a deposit on the second hand Italian/Acoustic, two months earlier. Had actual turned up, kicked up a fuss in the shop on Friday afternoon, when Mr-Music-Man wasn’t there, and his lad had sold the guitar that I had come to collect. I felt so disappointed at this point because *AJ had picked this guitar out, knowing it was in my price range, thinking he might get it for his Birthday.


Mr Music-Man then said, “I don’t get to meet many young men as nice as your boy, and I feel really bad about what’s happened, after I had phoned you up on Thursday. I think your son is a lovely lad and I saw him looking at the Stagg Electric/Acoustic. I want to sell you this at cost, I know he is going to do well with this.”




Shallow Bowl Electro-Acoustic Guitar

w/ cutaway & leaf-decorated sound holes

Because I had been so emotional this morning and because I am praying and learning how to….


Yes…. you guessed right, I jumped into the air and very nearly started clapping….lol

Then very quickly calmed it down to a more grown-up……”WOW, God is so good!”

Still rather loud though, I then noticed the five other people actually smile at the nutter in the shop…..funny.

But I’m just going to have to say it again…..

“WOW, God is so Good!”


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