A House in Aspie

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The theory of the blind men and the elephant.  Each one could only perceive the part of the elephant that he could touch, so each incorrectly described the elephant in its entirety.


A House in Aspie

by Lisa Lock

I can giggle my way through the day

Controlling the way my brain thinks

But, it seems that God has decided

That it’s time to start making some links


It seems there has been some confusion

Between those who live in my home

And because we all live in our own minds

We spend our time obsessing alone


This sounds really bad as I write it

But, we all love each other to bits

We try in our own ways to change things

And then end up just calling it quits


With four on the Spectrum quite nicely

Two Dogs, eight Cats and a Snake

We all get EX-TREEEEEM-ELY busy

And the connections we don’t seem to make


But it seems we’ve been doing it backwards

Not seeing past the end of our nose

We are all quite happily existing

But existing is as far as it goes


So…it’s time to start thinking quite different

To the way we have done up till now

And I’ll be the first one to own up

Yes…I have been a right selfish cow


God gave me His blessings abundant

And with patience He has waited to see

How my aspie brain would consider

And apply this, to His other three


So, I’m stepping out and being the example

I am going to pray He will help

Because if I lead they might even follow

God has led me to being more myself


I have hardened myself on this planet

Because of the hurt I’ve received

But I’m going to have faith, hope and courage

Because in God’s Love I know I believe


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