Just me Babbling, as usual!


Just me Babbling, as usual!

I’m just sitting here thinking of a cartoon caption published by a fellow-blogger.

You can see the caption by following the link. Basically this post shows how children are so happy, content and confident, Just being themselves.

“Just being me!!!”

So, exactly what does this mean, when you are no-longer a child and lifes road has dealt out a few bumps….???

Well to me, I know what just being me is….but, I also know that by just being me, I have to go through a series of pain, confusion, thought processes, more confusion, anxiety, sleepless nights and eventually just pretending on a daily basis.

This is not really what I enjoy and I would like so much to just be accepted, for just being myself. Unfortunately, this world seems to be full of people, who seem to get their kicks by hurting those who are not like themselves.

Today…..I am NOT going to dwell on it. It doesn’t really help my creative flow,(yes that is correct, I am artistic.) It also puts a depressive twist into my poetry.

“Emmm….Artistic-Poet, now I sound really interesting!!!” I say to myself while…LMHO

The world outside of blogland and my four walls, really doesn’t know this side of the glass. Shame really because this fidget is actually quite cool. It’s just taken me a long time to realise it.

So, my further thoughts are…. as an aspie surrounded with a family of ASD’s, not really understanding how NT’s think…AT ALL! How do I help my kids to be confident in just being themselves?

Also, as my hubby *Mr Locoman….yes, he loves trains…and I’m not saying anything????

Doesn’t seem to understand that ASD’s are quite obvious in our kids, you guessed right he is a Cyberman… And, I wouldn’t change that for the world, there is no way he would cope with me otherwise. “God, so sorts these things out you know!” I say in my posh English voice…haha

So, does this mean that I am going to have to figure this out, on my own, when I can’t even see what I do that is aspie, half the time. Also I am dyslexic, so books are pretty much useless, I have learnt more in blogland over the last 3 months than from any book I have ever read. Probably because the only books I have forced myself to read have been linked to obsessions I have had over the years.

BUT…..I have read all of the Harry Potter books and the Bible a few times…giggle, giggle.

Yes, I just realised that I have absolutely no point at all to this blog. I’m just babbling as usual, only this time it’s not in my head. Now aren’t you glad that I usually only publish my poems. wink, wink.

ACTUALLY! I would like to say one thing…..“THANK YOU!” to a very special person, my friend Fi. Who by accepting me with all my quirks has helped me to say, “Just being me!” and smile at that thought. xxxx πŸ˜€


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