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by Lisa Lock

Why does this world mess around in my head, can’t it let me be happy

Is it jealous…when I have a friend, doesn’t it like seeing me chatty.

It has had me for ages, alone to itself, it’s heard me cry out with my mental health

But now I have someone who accepts I’m an aspie

This world slaps my face and makes me feel nasty


I’m sorry, I can’t be who you want me to be

I’ve tried for so long to contain the real me

If you love me then let me be how God intended

I do not feel broken, I don’t need to be mended


I do not suffer from being an aspie

I suffer from people, that try to control me

I get really hurt when your rules keep changing

When plans I have made you keep re-arranging


My brain can’t keep up and I get all confused

I feel broken hearted, rejected and used

I process all input and filter out fact

Then try to explain it…..remembering tact


But…the words all get lost, and I get thrown off track

I muddle around trying to think my way back

But you’ve finished my sentence, and it’s not what I meant

It’s too late…..I stopped…..and that signal I sent


So, I wait for a time when I might be heard

But….. the thoughts I am thinking, to you seem absurd

Because, I have decided to be who God made

I have thought long and hard, I’ve questioned and prayed


The answer is simple…..”ACCEPT WHO I AM!”

If you can’t love this aspie, then I don’t give a damn.


One thought on “Acceptance

  1. This is a very heartfelt poem and has made me feel emotional. It’s good that you can express how you feel with your poetry. Keep them coming. You should think about publishing your work.

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