List of TEN

I wrote this poem after reading a blog written by a close friend of mine

Please take the time to read these links as I feel she has put a lot of thought into doing this.

Also if you have a, or care for someone with an, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, doing your own list of 10 things, could be very helpful.

10 things H wants you to know

A step further

I invented that look, Madonna ripped me off.

List of TEN

by Lisa Lock

If I had a list of TEN, TEN things I’d like to say

A list that I could carry round, to help me through each day

Then in this list, I think I’d write, this message to myself



  1. Feeling happy,
  2. Feeling loved,
  3. Being accepted, too.
  4. Speaking up,
  5. Making friends
  6. Seeing something through.
  7. Being myself,
  8. Able to give,
  9. and never hide away.
  10. You might feel daft, but there are things your brain wants you to say.


With this list, I think I’ll add,

A kiss for those who care.

For those true friends who stick around,

The ones who are always there.

They help me through this complicated world,

Of mixed up signs.

They guide my days and make me smile,

and….even though, sometimes….

I say things wrong, I get mixed up,

They are open, honest and true.

So to these extra-special ones,

I want to say Thank you!



My List of TEN

  1. I want to feel happy, I like to laugh, I sometimes find it hard to stop myself giggling.
  2. I want to feel loved, but I can’t always cope with hugs or people being in my space.
  3. I want to be accepted for who I really am, not who people want me to be.
  4. I sometimes have trouble understanding when to speak , what to say and how to say it. I can’t always tell when it is my turn to speak. This can cause me a lot of stress.
  5. I want to have friends but I feel like people don’t like me, this confuses me because I don’t know what I do wrong.
  6. I have trouble finishing a job because my brain finds other things to do. I know this can frustrate some people, I am trying my best.
  7. I have learnt to wear a mask because I am insecure, I have developed different personas for different environments. If you see me in an unfamiliar setting I may not be able to communicate. This is because I am having to use a coping strategy for the situation I am dealing with at that time.
  8. I don’t like feeling hurt by people all the time, so I tend to shy away from friendships.
  9. I hide where I feel safe, sometimes this might seem obsessive and my interest might bore you.
  10. I might seem quiet and sometimes slow, but my brain never stops. I just have problems processing all that goes on in there.

7 thoughts on “List of TEN

  1. I hope you don’t mind me saying, but you are a lovely person Lisa. I too have a Family who have autism and I love them with all my heart. I left a comment on your friends blog about his. Somtimes I am very nervous and highly strung and I tend to dominate conversation and cut in on my Familys sentences before they have finished. I am going to do my best to stop this. Thank you for sharing your life in this way because it ultimately helps others

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