All things British

All things British

by Lisa Lock

I know I can be slightly unpredictable,

and that my interests change quite frequently

But I have recently linked into Australia,

and an Aussie has helped me to see


That the country I live in, is actually quite good

And I haven’t appreciated the things that I should

It has made me think hard about why I am skittish

When people start talking about “All things British”


Our refined English culture, to me that’s the chippy

And as for architecture, well I know a good brickie

Tudor built houses, yes… I know a good pub

Fine English dining, this pub sells good grub


Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and St Pauls

Means catching the tube or slow traffic crawls

Kenilworth Castle and Stratford-upon-Avon

Means day-trips and picnics and kids misbehaving


Ignorance was bliss, but I’m going for wise

Next time I am driving, I’ll open my eyes


(Yes, this is funny….. you can laugh)



Buckingham Palace

BIG BEN (about britain)

BIG BEN (visit London)

St Paul’s Cathedral

Kenilworth Castle



5 thoughts on “All things British

  1. Love it!
    I lived in London for 10 years and it’s great to hear all the place names again.
    P.S keeping your eyes open is over-rated…it’s much more fun with them closed lol! XXX

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