Fidgets Perspective

Yes I'm blurred, my Brother is not....It's not my Dad's photography.

I was inspired by THIS post I read recently. It helped me remember a little more of my childhood. So as usual I wrote a poem about it.

“Fidgets Perspective,” is a little of me as a child and a little of me now. All nicely shaken up in the cocktail-shaker that is MY life.

Fidgets Perspective

by Lisa Lock

I wish I had an off switch, because I wear my batteries out

The constant nagging in my head, the questions of self-doubt

Yes….If I could push my brain button, and turn off the thoughts in there

I might keep still for long enough, I’d no-longer cause despair

Maybe….If I had a standby, just like on my TV

Then I could finish off the jobs that are assigned to me

Yep, I could put myself on standby, and not keep going “BERSERK”

The running round and balancing, my busy brain at work

My body would stop for long enough, for me to think of less

I’d sit and talk to those around, not make a constant mess

So….If I could turn my brain off, or just slow it down a bit

I wouldn’t have to hang upside down, I’d very likely sit

I’d sit without the tapping, the rocking and the shaking

I’d stop myself from jumping, spinning, climbing, faking

I wouldn’t have to try so hard, to make people understand

They’d accept me if I just kept still….But, on the other hand

I wouldn’t have the constant flow of creative energy

I wouldn’t dance with happiness, when I am feeling free

I wouldn’t be the same person, who I think is quite cool

In fact….I think to turn me off, is really rather cruel

So if you get to know me, you will see I cannot quit

I guess I have to just own up, “I LOVE BEING A FIDGET!”


11 thoughts on “Fidgets Perspective

  1. Lisa, I JUST LOVE THIS POEM!!! This tells me so much about who you are! I love the flow of the words! When I read it aloud, it just rolls out of my mouth like flag unfurling in the wind and then proudly waving!!! Thank you for sharing this work, I truly enjoyed it!!! Hugs!!

  2. That is wonderful! And viewing all that fidgeting as creative energy is a great way to look at all that movement. And if Pudding can one day channel all of that energy, I can’t wait to see what she’ll achieve! I loved the photo- that could be our kids at the beach!

    • Thank you for the inspiration, seeing photos of Pudding helped me tap into the energy I described. Thank you for posting your story it helped me to capture and process part of my past. Also thank you for visiting my blog. Love and hugs. x

  3. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful πŸ˜€ I absolutely love this Lisa – it reminds me of my grandmother – she could never EVER sit still EVER!!!! lol I love how you have ended the poem too….change is a good thing, but not if it changes WHO WE ARE completely and beyond recognition. A great poem which was really fun to read.

    Hope your week is filled with SUNSHINE πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Chloe xx

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