You Know how we love to Collect…!

You know how we love to collect

The amazing world of an Aspie collection, can only really be understood by the collector. I have had a few strange collections in my years, but my son *AJ, just cracks me up. So far in his 16 years he has gone through.

  • Thomas the Tank….and then Thomas’ friends.
  • Spiderman, every type
  • Batman, Robin and any other character from the films
  • Jig-saw puzzles, O.M.Goodness, was he quick at his jig-saws
  • POKEMON, will this one never end. They keep bringing out more, CAL’s still collecting them.
  • Bayblades, them things sure can spin fast, another collection that CAL now owns
  • He bred mice for a while, yes you read that correctly MICE. He even won prizes at the National Mouse Show……..Yes, we have silly things like that here in England. They really do stink bad, but he loved his little friends so much.
  • TRUMPS cards, and yes he actually memorised the info on each card.
  • Then came the video games, most of them completed within three days of me spending a huge amount of money purchasing it……it seemed an especially large amount, in my single-mom days. But hey, so worth seeing his little face light up.

In the last few months he has mastered the art of playing the guitar, self-taught watching YouTube tutorials. He is really very good, I’m going to have to get him a music teacher now. He memorises the Tabs, just like his TRUMPS cards and can run off a list of numbers that never seems to end.

This last week, he has gone onto golf. More specifically, the golf range. Just whacking them balls out there, seeing if he can reach the cow field.

But……Now this is the one that I have been wanting to get to.

His latest collection, is by far the weirdest/strangest and most amusing.

He is a nightmare with his mobile phone taking photos of anything/everything and everyone.

Getting to it now… he is collecting photos of…….

Women making Sandwiches.

He has made an album for himself and he is constantly asking for sandwiches. Then he hides behind the door waiting to take the perfect shot of his sandwich in the making.

Here are a few so far, I have cropped off the heads for privacy reasons.

Like I said at the start, a collection can only really be understood by the collector.

Don’t you just love quirky!


6 thoughts on “You Know how we love to Collect…!

  1. What a lovely unique individual. Your Family sound amazing. Should be eating low fat spread though, not Clover

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