A Gift of Friendship

I wrote this poem for a friend, no names here, she knows who she is.

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As the poem explains, God sees the bigger picture.


A Gift of Friendship

by Lisa Lock

All my life I have searched, not knowing quite what for.

Trying to find a friendship, from a life I knew before.

Where friendship was not one sided and rejection just didn’t exist.

Where I could give without thinking and receive without having to resist.

This life was not on this planet, but I remember it deep in my heart.

It was shared with me in a vision, it was given to me at the start.

When God put me on this planet, He gave me the parents I’d need.

He gave me a brother and sister, and in His love He gave me His seed.

The one thing He forgot to tell me, was that people change as they grow.

That His children will not always be like Him, that to reap I would first have to sow.

I scattered my seeds of friendship, I shared my heart openly.

I gave till there was nothing left to give, but nothing came back to me.

My heart felt totally broken, I decided enough was enough.

I hid in a place where I felt safe, I only accepted Gods love.

Then a voice from Heaven called me, it said, Be yourself you don’t have to pretend.

You are perfect the way I created, I have made you the perfect friend.

You don’t have to travel to find her, I will bring her to you this time.

So, I stretch my weakened hands of friendship, and in both hands you took mine.


To my friend, I decided not to edit it too much, I feel it was given to me this way.

Your friendship inspires me.

Thank you. x


5 thoughts on “A Gift of Friendship

  1. This poem is beautiful. If you have one true friend in life it is enough. I’ve known loneliness in a very crowded room. Just someone who understands you, accepts you whatever and doesn’t judge you, but supports you is a friend

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