True Colours (YoVille Style)

Ok……this is totally random, but I just had to do it.

I know I’m sad, meaning *strange/silly/bizarre,* after an Australian friend thought I meant unhappy…hehe.

Thanks for caring Silvia, Silvia’s Irreverence

My kids gave me a crash lesson in gamer-video making, and as the only games I play are YoVille and SPORE, I had to go with my Avatars alien & alien2 because my Bumbleweirdo can’t speak.

Did I say sad?……Maybe a little mad too. (Just me being me.)


4 thoughts on “True Colours (YoVille Style)

  1. Haha You crack me up!
    Your humour is part of why I love you so much!!!
    I don’t really understand gaming so I’m no authority on it but I think this is awesome!
    Fi XX

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