Video games, Computers & The Spectrum

Video gaming and computers

I was looking through some of my children’s old videos on YouTube today on their channel gamerhollics. It made me really think.

The amount of times (well meaning) people have told me that I should make them turn off the gaming/pc. That it would make them detached and addicted. That computer games would make them un-relatable  and unable to express themselves.

I’m so glad I only selectively hear what they say. I personally choose to use my children’s obsessions to benefit them. AJ is 16, he is starting college in September, one of his subjects will be computer science along with History and Advanced Maths. CAL is 9, she loves music. she now plays Violin, Piano and Guitar, and her Art is coming on beautifully.

Looking at their videos I can see the difference in their personalities by the art work and music they have picked.

I would like to share a couple of their videos with you (before you ask, I haven’t got a clue how they made them) and I would like to ask you.

Do you think they are unable to express themselves?

First AJ’s video, made 2 years ago (when he was 14)

Now CAL’s video made 6 months ago (age 9)

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2 thoughts on “Video games, Computers & The Spectrum

  1. These videos are truly wonderful. You have two very talented musical children, who have perfect timing. What a blessing

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