I think I’ve found my voice!

I think I’ve found my voice!

It has suddenly occurred to me, at the age of 41, that I have a voice. That I can be the stone that causes the ripple. So this is what my inner-child would like to say.

my first year at school

Little me, my first year at school

Dear Educator ….F.Y.I….I am NOT slow, distracted or lazy. I am dyslexic and you’re boring me.

(DYSLEXIA AWARENESS) copy & paste as your status if you know someone with a reading/learning difficulty.


And now for some of my 3am poetic ramblings…….


by Lisa Lock

Dear Educator, please Miss/Sir

If you wake up each morning

NOT loving your job, your subject, your pupils

Please don’t keep teaching, just for your salary

By choosing to do so, you are…….

  • My first employer, who knowingly underpays me
  • The person who makes me clean all the men’s urinals, while he skives off
  • The supervisor who gets me to clean the whole restaurant, while she stand in the fridge drinking the companies wine
  • The bully at the job I loved, who made my life so miserable I suffered with stress, anxiety and depression.
  • The supervisor who only gave me collars to make, when she knew I was trained to be the sample-hand to work with the designer.
  • Or even….. the person who stole my portfolio at college, cropping my signature off my paintings, to pass as their own.

Please don’t stand on my head

My brain feels squashed enough


6 thoughts on “I think I’ve found my voice!

  1. I have an issue with teachers and now take great pleasure attending my daughter’s school for parent vs. teacher night. So far I am eight wins by knockout, no losses! When thinking about my own school days I like to listen to Pink Floyd’s ‘Happiest Days of Our Lives’;

    When we grew up and went to school
    There were certain teachers who would
    Hurt the children in any way they could

    By pouring their derision
    Upon anything we did
    And exposing every weakness
    However carefully hidden by the kids
    But in the town, it was well known
    When they got home at night, their fat and
    Psychopathic wives would thrash them
    Within inches of their lives.

  2. and the tutor who sold your sculpture design to a Christian shop that sell hundreds of the figures daily.

    No matter what their job title or position they are all still human and therefore equal to us. God sees all, and will judge accordingly. But its so hard to stop people trampling on us when we are so genuine ourselves and expect back what we give. x

  3. Bob Marley said “Stand up for your rights” however it isn’t always easy to do this. Your poetry can express this.

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